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  1. I watched an animal programme a year or so ago where a a squirrel was trapped in a car wash. An Animal rescue service had to untangle its paw from the mechanism inside the machinery. The poor little thing squealed away whilst they dragged it out. They then took it to have its amputated paw sewn up and was put on a course of antibiotics. A week later they put it to sleep becuase theyre not allowed to let them go!!!
  2. They might all be stood at the bus stop now queuing up ready for the bus!!
  3. get the same bus tomorrow.you never know!!
  4. Is the buster collar the right size? sounds like it could be too big.
  5. but!! my big doggy also watches "C.S.I" almost all the way thru!!
  6. can fish feel pain when caught on a hook? fancy trying this out with the kids but dont fancy it if its painful for the fish. Im told if the powers that be thought it was painful, then fishing by rod and hook would be banned. Btw Im not asking anyone for comments on how cruel I maybe, Because cruel, I am not! Im asking because weve never tried it and wouldnt if there is enough evidence to say if it is painful for the fish.
  7. I walk a couple , theyre decent fun loving doggies!!
  8. watchin tv movin closer for a better view!! exhausted after a hectic race!
  9. looks like youre correct p/t!! judging by the amount of beagles running around on itvs "Heartbeat"
  10. a woman said "so its true what they say about dogs and aniseed" what did she mean?
  11. Have you ever been for one? For years ive been tempted to go in and sample the delight of a true bakewell pudding! apparantly not bakewell tart! Today swayed by the aroma, the quaint windows and displays, plus the pelt of wind and rain , we went in. 2 sandwiches, 2 soups, 2 teas, and 2 pieces of the afore mentioned pudding, cost us 21.00!!!! we were waiting half an hour to recieve our order as we were forgotten! and the pudding... now what we actually recieved was what looked like a treacle tart, that had sunken in the middle.The outer crust or pastry, whatever is was, was slimey, you didnt have to chew any of it. it was slimey is the only word i can describe it as.you couldnt break it with a spoon and fork ,you had to tear it apart and it slid around the plate! we were very disappointed. is this what a true"Bakewell Pudding" should look and taste like?
  12. I seriously would go camping in any weather!!! snow, hail etc.. but not much local unfortunately. Though i have seen a lovely spot today though on way to bakewell. Am going to seek it out next week and see who owns the land.
  13. yes!!!!!!!! lets have a camping section!!!!! just seen two american guys packing up theyre tents etc in ecclesall woods after spending the night there...Brrrrrrr
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