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  1. Treatment

    What Do You Do On A Sunday?

    I generally just whip a few Choirboys.
  2. Treatment

    Who's the best band of all time?

    The Band Of Gypsys.
  3. Treatment

    Change of name on passport

    They have my name incorrect on my passport - which is their tough luck since I have a criminal record.
  4. Treatment

    Travellers in your back yard

    Do they still sell Pegs, or am I a little behind the times ?
  5. Right, so are they going to change the advert against piracy from "knock off Nigel" to "knock off Numtaz " ?? Yeh right.
  6. Treatment

    Tax evaders cost country more than benefits

    The decision in 1997 to cease allowing Pension Schemes to claim back Tax Credits on dividends had a comparatively small effect. The main reason that Pension Funds are in the brown stuff is that the FTSE 100 should be at circa 15,000, not 5,000.
  7. Treatment

    Man selling fresh fish door to dor

    There used to be a blind man who wandered around the fish market. He just kept muttering " morning ladies" for some reason.
  8. Treatment

    Marine from 42 commando shot dead

    Bad news, Per Mare, Per Terram.
  9. So it's OK if it has a bit of straw floating in it then, and it gives you the trots ?
  10. Treatment

    I have a Meeting with Nick Clegg

    Ask him if he is for, or against, a sixth terrestrial television channel. Also, count your fingers after shaking hands with him.
  11. Treatment

    Living With HIV

    It is a pity that you didn't report it, these people could do it again. Obviously your reasons are appreciated.
  12. Treatment

    Living With HIV

    Did the Police do anything about the rape ?
  13. Treatment

    Help..May have put my foot in it!

    Could be an Aisle of Plenty - not.
  14. Was his van called Black Bess ??
  15. Treatment

    Verbal abuse of cyclists

    I dislike being told to " get off and milk it ".

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