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  1. We passed just after and saw they had hit a bollard in the centre of the road. There appeared to be a child being helped out of the back seat. It looked pretty bad. Hope they were all ok
  2. Ooh i never thought of gumtree! Thank you
  3. Ive taken down a small wall and have 12 decent sized pieces of stone to sell. Can anyone recommend a stone mason who will buy but also collect? It's facing stone, sandstone if that helps?
  4. I use Tavern Service Station at Crosspool for my Rav4 (I know it's not a Yaris but a Toyota none the less!)
  5. Anyone know if M&S are doing the set menu again this year? I can't see anything on their website? We had one last year and got the Turkey, vegetables and a load of other sides for about £50 but I can't see it this year. If anyone has a link to the web page that would be muchly appreciated
  6. I live in an old victorian house with stone exterior window sills. The paint is white and flaking, I'd like to spruce it up and have seen a lovely grey colour I think would look nice. Has anyone attempted to paint the front of their house themselves? Is it harder than it sounds? I'm pretty confident with my decorating skills inside but wondered if outside is a much bigger task? Any top tips to help with the prep before I start? Would I sand down the old paint or buy some kind of outdoor filler? Thanks in advance
  7. exactly how dark were these dark people you describe?
  8. Thanks, yeah CAB have linked the Law Society but I wondered if anyone had any suggestions for solicitors whom specialise in the area of negligence / consumer law.
  9. I'm after legal advice regarding an injury my son suffered as a result of foreign objects inside his pillow. He suffered a cut to his face and, after contacting trading Standards, the pillow was found to contain all sorts of scary things (metal nut and bolt, jagged pastic, saw dust, 2" plastic tube and stones!) - the manufacturer says they have changed their procedures in their overseas factory and that this was an iscolated incident due to faulty feather blowing machinery and have now changed the machinery as a result of my findings but I'm looking to submit a claim for negligence and need legal advice. CAB have suggested making a claim for negligence or under te Consumer Protection Act but I don't have a clue where to start! Any recommendations of solicitors with free consultations please anyone?
  10. I need to buy a load of sun hats and cream for work .... looking at 40 hats and loads of cream. B&M didn't have what i needed, any ideas where else to look please?
  11. ooh never thought of sainsburys! i'll take a look there before venturing into town again! thanks all
  12. bit random but i'm desperate now!! where can i buy good quality leggings in sheffield? i want some that won't go bobbley after a couple of washes, that are full length and won't go see thru on the knees!!!! can anyone recommend a good store to purchase these? i've looked everywhere and can only find terrible quality ones! i'm not asking for too much am i?!?!?!
  13. where would I find info on the snake pass? want to know that the route is safe before leaving Manchester to go back home tonight on the pass with my two little babies in the car:help: ---------- Post added 07-02-2015 at 19:58 ----------
  14. don't suppose it's a new York keyring is it?
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