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  1. A few decent photos on the Picture Sheffield site.
  2. We used to play "Knitting Nancy" a complicated game involving a passing urchin, a stray dog, a jam jar an orange box, some string and a tin of Zubes or failing that a bottle of Iodine. What larks. Used to play havoc with the neighbours rhubarb though.
  3. There's a photo of Woodthorpe Hall , Woodthorpe on the picture Sheffield site. Although most of them appear to be of Woodthorpe Hall Dronfield
  4. Even if they are hobby air gunners what's to shoot at on a nature reserve apart from the wildlife ?
  5. As it's "camp" Saturdays on radio 2 I've had to resort to Frank Skinner on Absolute , Saturday mornings not brilliant admittedly but passable, only on 'till 11.0 though. 6 music when I'm at home, is the only option.
  6. Wesley Nicolas are very expensive , 20 kg bags smokeless £10.00 the last time I asked. A 15 mile drive saves me £25.00 on 10 bags. I did notice a coal merchants by the side of Ponsfords recently which is nearer for you, but have no details.
  7. UB 40 and the Stranglers were both awful just not interested in performing. The real worst was Lenny Henry word for word from stuff everyone had seen on tv a hundred times before, you knew what was coming before he had opened his mouth, so different to a true star Billy Connolly who was brilliant. Best performer was Elvis Costello not a major fan but what a show. But the best full show by far was Jimi Hendrix, The Nice , Amen Corner , the Move, and some no hopers called Pink Floyd all on the same bill.
  8. Knighthoods along with all other awards became meaning less when we got Sir Elton, Sir Cliff , Sir Mick, and Sir Paul. True credit should go to the likes of Keith Richard, Paul Weller, Jim Broadbent, Benjamin Zephanaya, even Nigeria Lawson who turn down these meaningless old fashioned inconsequential reminders of a bygone age.
  9. Not quite grasped the concept of a yes or no answer have we !
  10. White poppy despite being up before the beak in the Town Hall, and advised against it by his own party making political statement despite being up before the beak in the Town hall. I could go on and on about what's gone on behind doors but I don't want to be a bore. A few posts ago a poster asked if people would love his actions and cutesiness just as much if he were white - one word answer as were not going on please, Makapaka Would you yes or no ?
  11. Agree completely.However the part of the quote should be, If he was white and none refugee, Muslim and not a poorly behaved embarrassment we wouldn't even be having this conversation Any Lord mayor of whatever persuasion treating the office as he has done deserves criticism.
  12. Generally you will find that the majority of people who live in even ordinary, never mind nice houses tend to conform to the norms of society, live within the law and basic remits of society, and dare I say it work hard for what they have got.
  13. It depends on which mode of speech he's using at the time, Jolly Toby - "Ha ha I run comedy clubs you know ". Is quite clear whereas his deeply sad and concerned modes "l'm really sorry to hear about the death of your marmoset " . "How have you managed to cope because we are all so interested in your story" his voice deepens and becomes more mumbly. Luckily true professional that he is he can switch from light hearted to true deep compassion and concern at the blink of an eye. As the great Tobes would say (every other sentence ,"Its interesting isn't it.") To which the answer is usually no Tobes it isn't
  14. Because I have a friend who lives there. Fair enough. I'ts the larger ladies in pink tracksuits and phlegm covered pavements that draws me there though. Plus my mother in law is after a replacement sofa.
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