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  1. probally Felicini then web site http://www.felicini.co.uk/branches.asp?branchID=25 It is a chain, but has a wide variety on the menu with lovely wines. the duck pizza seems a strange choice but is lovely. it is not the cheapest but not overly expensive. lovely atmosphere.
  2. K Pasa idoes great food on glossop rd/west st end. Although somewhere a bit more special-decor cocktails etc is LAS IGUANAS in the west one complex on west st.
  3. says my baby is the mailmans-very accurate-my fella is a postman!
  4. i saw it too-never see one so near my house- i want to go in one so much!
  5. do you have to be a member to go to this shop, or is it open to the public?
  6. Yes it will be the same one. The area is great, good pubs and shops near by. Encliffe park at hunters Bar roundabout.Botanical gardens not far. Regular buses also not too far to walk to city centre. And subway is right across the road from claypenny's office. (near champs bar)
  7. I rented with claypenny's for two years when i was a student. they were very fair and reasonable landlords. Our house was totally refurbished when we moved in but took a longer than planned-they did not charge us for the rent during this period. Also any problems such as broken washing machine, heating etc were resoved quickly. They are easy to get hold of too as someone is always in their office on week days. We stayed on for the second year at the same rent payments as the first. Overall would recommend them, very friendly and fair landlords.
  8. i saw and chatted to Aled and chris moyles at the bar at the Hilton hotel in sheff. Jarvis cocker was behind me in the cue in smith's at sheff station once. Also saw max from hollyoaks in the forum bar. (but he doesn't count!)
  9. The Bangla Cottage is really nice, great service and reasonable prices. Next to the rawson spring-thread on here about it.
  10. There is a good one on sharrow vale rd, Electric Beach with stand up beds. they are open til late 8pm i think best ring to check. 410-412 Sharrow Vale Rd, Sheffield, S11 8ZP Tel: 0114-266 3336 Also opposite the hallamshire hospital on glossop rd there is one (not sure of name) this has both types of beds, bit strange as there is no assistant there-you just pay for your sunbed via a computer. It is fairly cheap thou (did have an offer on last time i looked-1 min=40p) You have to buy your own goggles first time thou, but obviously can keep these for repeat visits. (about £1.50) These are open late again.
  11. thankyou so do I. I may not be able to go away if i can't find somewhere for her to stay.
  12. i go away on monday 12th. will get back wed 22nd
  13. thanx i live in S6. I am just trying to ring around my animal loving friends at present. why is no one in when you need them??!!
  14. I know that is the problem- and a little too late to get them done-I had everything sorted as she had two people willing to have her for a week but both can't do this wk. I may have to get someone to come in to feed her but i don't really want to do this as she is such a sociable cat that she loves company.
  15. I need a home for my cat next wk! My friend who normally has her unfortunatly can not now. She sometimes goes to my grandmas but my grandma is not well so i don't feel i can ask her. She is a house cat, i have not injected her as advised not to if she is to be kept indoors so catteries are not an option. Does anyone know of an organisation that has people avalible to take on cats in a home environment? She is little trained and very friendly. She does not mix well with other cats thou-so will have to be a pet free home. She is called Lola and is a 3year old Siamese x bengal.
  16. i went to the snooker the other weekend-my other half did mention he was gonna wear his football shirt (although he was winding me up as he knows i hate him wearing it) I told him that he would be going on his own if he wore it. we both did wear jeans and a t-shirt though-as far as i am aware there is no dress code.
  17. there is on inside morrisons in hillsborough, near the check outs.
  18. yes she is a bit of a madam. lol She was named Lola by her previous owner because she thought she looked like a show girl. I think i should stop answering to her calls. (but its so hard to do) I call her to me in the hope she will settle down and sleep-doesn't usually work for long though, She gets her pouches of an evening and i leave a measured volume of biscuits out for her which she grazes at throughout the day-her bowl is rarely empty in the morning, so don't think it is the hunger factor.
  19. ok hope this works Lola http://i285.photobucket.com/albums/ll74/tracysmith21/lola1.jpg http://i285.photobucket.com/albums/ll74/tracysmith21/lolasofa.jpg http://i285.photobucket.com/albums/ll74/tracysmith21/lolaasleep.jpg
  20. how do you upload pics on here? my link to facebook album asked people to sign in
  21. Oh yes she is certainly a nosey little thing-always running up the stairs to see you if she hears someone up there-and her favorite trick is stealing your seat on the sofa as its nice and warm! hope the pic links work
  22. oh dear! Sounds like i will just have to put up with her and get some ear plugs. But thanx for the advice about the black out curtains i may have to invest in some. I have been told that that siamese is a noisy cat-but after i got her! She is beautiful though and so affectionate. Has the body and head shape of a siamese and patterns of a benal. I love her to bits but just wish she would let me sleep- after all she does plenty off it in the day! charming
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