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  1. im sure someone in the world knows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. hahahahahahahhahaha really? wonder whos shes with now x
  3. right the big red bridge at darnal has a sign sayin dawn (eye) love you does anyone know who did it an if there still together?
  4. 8.30pm xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  5. anyone comin to kick boxing tonight? AKF wellington street, beginners im there! anyone else? £4 male/females
  6. i know a lot of people have said im very mature for my age but when theres children around CHINNY some of us have 2 show some maturity u should try it some time
  7. why do u feel for her she obviously enjoys it i feel sorry for u for havin such a sad life u have to take pity on people that have a life u should try gettin one!
  8. dont bring them down til next week need all the money i can get while my family r on holiday i will let u know wen i want them louise might but i dont know rather than trainlin them down ile let u know wen i have the money 1st x
  9. haha i am gonna tell mark n andy.....................ok maybe not
  10. yeah def will be at as many as i can, its brill i get paid wed so ur best bringin them next thur if thats ok x
  11. i dont think im comin 2 nite gotta work unless i can get out of it lou mite still come tho x
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