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  1. Hello! There's a singing group in Stannington on Wednesdays 9.30- 11 am, called " Twinkling Stars" in Stannington Methodist Church. Can pm you the lady's mobile number if you're interested? I've only been the last two weeks and my daughter- 18 months- loves it: very friendy, singing/ miming/ dancing, followed by up to an hour of playing for the kids and coffee for parents/ carers. It's half term next week so will start again on 22nd February. First session is free, otherwise £3.75 per session.
  2. I'm French too- was quite pleasantly surprised with the Marks and Spencer baguette. But don't tend to go there often so have to settle for part-baked most of the time. Not as good as the real thing, but will do for me.
  3. They had fewer votes than anyone else, if someone does come back ( IF!) surely it would be Johnny? Anyone better than Frankie anyway.
  4. Before her heart surgery my daughter was on high-calorie prescription formula because of her weight issues so I can relate to your situation. I did use a lot of cheese, full fat yogurt ( she loves it)...and the one food that to this day she still polishes off in seconds: avocadoes! I just swear by them, healthy, high in calories, natural- OK, a bit pricey but you can get 4 for £1 in most supermarkets, the trick is to get them regularly and wait for them to get nice and ripe, to get a melt in the mouth texture. My dd loves it on its own, or with breasticks, mixed with pasta...
  5. Salut, ca fait un bail ;-) As an OCD sufferer, I had to take Fluoxetine twice: once because no matter how much counselling I had, I just needed a bit of extra help for a while. Therapy did work and in the long run I'm glad I've done it's been really useful, but I see medication as extra help for tough times- of course, that's MY situation and I can't speak for anyone else. It's just a bit simplistic to say: don't take the meds, find out about the roots of your problem. It makes sense, but things are never that clear-cut. In terms of side effects, I had anxious bouts -especially at night- and my heart was going really funny; I was advised to have a glass of very cold water at hand and sip every now and then when the side effects were bad, don't ask me why but it helped. Anyway, after a few weeks all that was gone, and honestly my OCD symptoms disappeared. When I decided to go off them because I wanted a child, I made sure I went off them very gradually, and it went pretty smoothly. You may find that it works for you, or that you need a different type of med. Bonne chance!
  6. Using Wilkinson's Teetha, homeopathic powder. Usually don't believe in that stuff but seems to work so far. You're supposed to empty it into your child's mouth but dd ended up with a lot of it down her top- tried with a spoon and worked well.
  7. Born and bred in Dunkirk, France. Been in Sheffield for nearly 11 years.
  8. We probably constantly compare ourselves to others, as people, professionals, and as parents too, especially at the start I guess because it's new to us. It could also be a female thing, not sure dads do it to the same extent as we do. @ Gemma@: I agree about premmies too: it's challenging enough as it is, I can't even imagine what it's like in that situation. It just seems really unfair that after what you and your lo have been through you should feel bad.
  9. I was just commenting on what you said about the price of formula- offers on that particular product are not allowed so that partially explains the price. I don't find it outrageously expensive personally, especially if you compare it to the price of formula in the US or Australia ( can you tell I'm on a global "bottle feeding mums" facebook page ) but I still think the law is out of order, simply because it's punishing women who can't breastfeed. Five years breastfeeding? It's amazing, you should be proud! You don't realize how demanding it is until you are doing it yourself, every day of breastmilk is something to celebrate!
  10. I know what you mean, I went through that too, cried in a public place once because I saw a mother breastfeeding a toddler whilst I was "unable" to BF my daughter unless I used nipple shields, and that enough made me feel like I had failed. The reality is, I haven't and I suspect you haven't either. There's something really, really wrong about a mum feeling bad because for some reason she couldn't BF. My feelings of inadequacy are now gone ( dd is 10 month old) and I am sure they will go in your case too. I can totally relate to the " I'm jealous of women who can BF", but I hope that in time you will start seeing the BFing act as a beautiful and entirely positive thing. I'm sure you've done your best, and there's so much else you can do for your child :-)
  11. Actually, what they are not allowed to do is make it cheaper! No "50% off", no "buy one/ get one free", etc, for first stage formula. Whoever made up that stupid rule is missing the point. I breastfed ( and formula fed too), all my friends breast fed, and if I were to ask myself and all of them why they did so, price wouldn't have anything to do with it. Sure, the fact that breast milk is cheaper is a welcome bonus( I won't say free because I myself got feeding bras, nursing pads, nipple shields, a breast pump and bottles, but generally it works out a lot cheaper). But I suspect it is very rarely the reason why you choose to breastfeed and stick to it. It is hard work, and mums choose to do it because they believe it to be the biological norm and what it best for their babies, or in some cases because in the long term, it is more practical, especially if you go out. I'd like to see a nursing mother go " wow, formula is half-priced at tesco's, sod breastfeeding then!" So really, to me, it sounds like there are people out there who are determined to PUNISH mothers who are not breastfeeding by saying to them " You'll have to pay full price for your incompetence/ laziness"... like laziness and incompetence had ever anything to do with it! I'm not even going to talk about the dozens of ( perfectly valid) reasons why a woman ends up bottle-feeding her baby, the bottom line is: that law doesn't make any difference and shouldn't be there in the first place.
  12. Hi! I know it's a long shot, but here goes: I live in S6 and have a ten-month-old daughter. I am required to go back to work full time for three weeks, from 04th July to 22nd July this year. I can't find any "drop in" nurseries, but am wondering if anyone knows of a registered nanny/ chilminder who is available for that time? Thanks
  13. I know what you mean, you're just so taken aback you don't even think of an answer. You can't help but feel like you've done something wrong- you really haven't though- and you put your child's needs first.
  14. I guess the guy didn't notice your daughter was uncomfortable, maybe you could have pointed it out and explained that you were getting clothes from the shop for that reason? As for being offended, I'd say no one was, not even him, but he's probably just following some policy that's in place because we now live in a society where everyone is super careful unfortunately :-(
  15. I think you're referring to the "Babble and Speak" group, in Endlcliffe Methodist Church? It is perfectly suitable for a 5-year-old, they learn French and have fun, it's brilliant :-)
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