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  1. How do you tell which it is? They're just normal uPVC windows. We had them done about 5 years ago so a relatively new style. It's only the pane of glass that needs to come out, not the whole frame. Is that easier? And aren't joiners wood people? Do they do this kind of thing?
  2. I've just had a new bed delivered and made the schoolboy error of not checking it would fit around the corner onto the stairs. It doesn't. Seeing as the company are charging extortionately to return the bed for either a refund or a smaller one, I need to get it upstairs. I've heard that it's possible to take uPVC windows out to facilitate this. What type of company would I contact to get this done? Glass folks or removal gents? I'm really hoping this can be sorted. The bed's taking up the kitchen, half of the living room and the bottom of the stairs. It's almost like every time I have to limbo through to the bathroom it's mocking me for not measuring. Help!
  3. Hi, We always welcome new players. Just come down and join in on A Saturday 10 - 12 at All Saints School field. You don't have to let us know ahead of time that you're coming but if you do want to speak to someone about what we do please feel free to get in touch.
  4. We have this problem as well. It's overpowering to the point of eyes watering. I think it's because we both have converted attics that the smell permeates through to ours though. That and they want to get back at us for having dogs!
  5. If you're not sorted yet I have one of those airbed on legs thingies and can fetch it over for you.
  6. Deadline time's getting near for the May 9th development tournament so those of you who haven't seen the updates on Facebook or seen me or Simon on a Staurday to say you want to come, please speak up now! Any level of player is welcome and the tone won't be too serious. To anybody who fancies giving touch rugby a go whether you've played before or not, come and give it a go! We're currently playing fun games on a Saturday morning, 10 - 12 at All Saints School and drills and skills on Monday 7 - 8. New players are more than welcome. You can just turn up on the day or PM me first for more details. You don't need to bring any money or special kit but you may wear boots if you feel more comfortable in them.
  7. Ovulation Predictor tests can be pretty pointless if you have PCOS as they are too sensitive to the LH that lots of PCOS women have all cycle long and end up giving false positives. You can try less sensitive ones though.
  8. I can recommend the above. We bought tickets for The Dungeons for less then half of the 'on the day' price last month. We just printed the slip out and it was accepted (I googled for aaages to check it wasn't a scam!). Also, lastminute.com have some good offers on too.
  9. It does seem very insensitive at the least.
  10. To back up what Marksteeler said, come down to Touch Rugby! It's a great way to get back into things and we have a mix of people from both league and union background as well as those who had never played before. It is mixed so ladies are just as welcome as men. We started out from a post on here about a year ago and are getting now to the point where we are entering tournaments and leagues. For anyone interested we play on a Saturday Morning 10 - 12 and do fitness & skills on Monday 7 - 8. Both take place at All Saints School Field nr Granville Road tram stop. Also ther's no need to phone ahead, just turn up and play!
  11. The containers come from RC themselves and are given to retailers as a promotion occasionally so just keep looking round
  12. Wrap 2p coins in foil (to form a kind of tear drop shap) then tie the string on.
  13. It's quite hard with regards to refunds on eBay. I don't mean issuing a refund but when to do so. Buyers frequently jump in with threats of negative feedback and it can be very intimidating. Sending signed for can stop people pretending things haven't turned up but buyers don't want to pay the extra 72p. In a few cases I have sent new items out even though I've sent the first lot out in good time just because negative feedback does affect your selling and even your search ratings.
  14. I can't think of anything for the washer but my OH swears by his 4paws magic sponge. Although a marigold works well too. I prefer the part human- part samoyed look personally!
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