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  1. I think he's changed his name:o Here you go -: http://www.sanandamaitreya.com/
  2. Any body on here make their own Onion Bhajias ? Ive just found this recipe & am going to give it a go:thumbsup: 2 onions thinly sliced 70g s/r flour 1 tsp medium curry powder Half tsp ground cumin 2tsp tumeric powder half tsp salt 150g plain yougurt Mix all together & make into 8 to 10 balls, deep fry at 180c for 1-2 mins
  3. I doubt Dannii would get through the auditions herself;)
  4. Its all that bottled up emotion isnt it Lovey:hihi:
  5. :hihi:......................
  6. Will Owen be left with Eoghan his face ?;)
  7. The one she had before the contest started:o
  8. Dianna has ditched her boyfriend:o:D
  9. Ruth has now got a recording contract:thumbsup:
  10. I might give that a go if I cant find any in the shops Cheers:thumbsup:
  11. Im on the look out for Salmon sausages ;has anyone seen any in Sheffield ?
  12. Maybe try here-: http://www.technicar.ltd.uk/home.html
  13. It just doesnt seem 28 years ago does it ? Some people on this thread werent even born:o;) when he passed on.
  14. Subterranean Homesick Blues -Bob Dylan
  15. Here-: http://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/showthread.php?t=412015&highlight=woodseats
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