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  1. This is an old standard that at least Pat Boone & Louis Armstrong have done versions off.I got interested in the song as Joe Brown did a "ukelele"version of the song at the George Harrison tribute concert a couple of years ago & was also played at my Mum's funeral last year.I've searched the net for the "melody line" but no luck.Just want to be able to play the melody line on the guitar.(Tried a few times to work it out but there's a few bits missing ) Long shot I know but worth asking
  2. Usual:thumbsup: Calzone:D Excellent.Give it a try
  3. We went to Kito's a few years ago & after a main course,you could have eaten it again just to feel slightly full.
  4. Lovely little Italian restaurant next to Kenchuckys.Small,decor average,food excellent.Recommended:thumbsup:
  5. Old Mother Redcap at Bradway;Lager is £1.51 a pint & Bitter is £1.26.
  6. Had a steak there about 6 weeks ago,full of grissle,I complained but no discount off the bill:loopy:
  7. Then go to "Hasina's" for a kebab.Large are £4 & small £3.Gorgeous but too much to eat:thumbsup:
  8. I'm sure I read on the net that JB was coming to the City Hall.Have I missed him ?
  9. Had 2 cheeseburgers from Mcd a couple of years ago freshly made when there was a special offer on & they made me rather ill:gag:
  10. Anybody on here got a Suzuki Swift(new model).I'm thinking of buying one & just wondered what current owners thought.
  11. I thought you could only buy that at a Monty Python memorabillia shop:hihi:
  12. Any idea where the shop in Greenhill is ? I had a look today but can't find it.
  13. "Dip your bread",defiintely Sheffield terminiology:D
  14. Me too mate;had a few builders round recently after moving house,but try & get a written quote is errrrrr, difficult so far.......
  15. discodown If you put it through a food processor why is it lumpy ?
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