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  1. I was having a deep delve in the "cookery cave":hihi: & came across this recipe from Blue Peter from about at least 30 years ago:o


    Blue Peter Potato fritters


    1/2 lb of grated raw potato(squeezed in a towel to get most of the water out)

    2oz of Cheese

    1 egg

    1oz of SR flour

    Salt & Pepper(or any seasoning)


    Mix all together & fry in little cakes till brown & cooked


    My Mum used to cook these me as a kid & I still enjoy them to this day:cool:

  2. Heard it in the background today. I recall it being a hit but have no idea when. The chorus is, "I'll never let you down, never let you down again". (I think) and the singer sounds like Jon Anderson. He is accompanied by a keyboard playing quite a distinctive bassline on the verse and that is as much as I convey. I don't think there are any other instruments in there, just the keyboard. Any ideas? Or I'll have to phone the shop and ask what they were playing at 12.30 in the afternoon!


    It could be this song-: "I Won’t Let You Down" by Jim Diamond



  3. A recipe for onion bhajis which uses wheat flour? Every recipe I've ever see uses gram flour instead.


    Do let us know how it goes- I used to love making home made bhajis, just with onions, gram flour, spices and water, which works fabulously with mushrooms, potatoes, aubergines and other vegetables too. A great big pile of mixed bhajis, a few friends and some chutney and dips- really simple picnic food.


    I don't have a deep fat fryer any more though so can't make them. This makes me remember quite how much I used to like them.


    They were rather good:thumbsup:, The first couple I deep fried were a bit undercooked;) but once they became a bit more "crunchy" they were rather yummy. Good recipe:thumbsup::cool:espcially with a bit of minty yoghurt.


    Will try them at a later date with gram flour but s/r flour seemed to work ok.

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