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  1. The craft shop at the bottom of London road:thumbsup:
  2. Was in there today & they didnt have any:(
  3. Try Boldocks at Woodseats:thumbsup:
  4. Im after some Nacho cheese sauce;not the really hot stuff but the basic mild sauce you can buy in jars that you can have on burgers or chips. Anybody seen any in the shops of Sheffield ? Ive already tried Morrisons & Sainsburys:(
  5. Teenagers who think they've got a "real cold":hihi:
  6. People who cant spell:hihi:
  7. Women called Pattricia:hihi:
  8. Xmas head/body colds:rant:
  9. I love her clips on Youtube http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=r9z5AFQx3Ng
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