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  1. The Shoulder of Mutton at Worrall, the carvery is £6.95 and it's divine, YUM YUM!!
  2. We used Descom Electrical Services for the burglar alarm on our property, very professional and reliable!! Contact Scott; 07843592784 or Dale; 07866314830. http://www.descomltd.co.uk
  3. [quote=DaFoot;3425622 Often the same people involved too... Yep indeedy!
  4. Crookes WMC Bradfield Road WMC Park Hotel (Used to have a function room but they have just done it up so not sure if they still hire this out) City Limits on Penistone Road The Drive at Wadsley Wadsley Jack (small function room) Sheffield Wednesday Ground Good Luck!
  5. I have heard the ABC boxing gym is supposed to be good, a few friends started last year. Also Burton Street Boxing gym is supposed to be good along with Paul Powers at Malin Bridge!!
  6. I am getting married at Whirlowbrook Hall in August and we went to look at rooms in the Beauchief and the Kenwood. We decided to book the Kenwood and they have done us a great offer for their Lakeside view room. The rooms at the Beauchief i thought were quite basic.
  7. I have got my bridesmaid dress from La Bella Brides too!!
  8. The photos from the night are really good, some great shots
  9. I will probably be on honeymoon then, so will miss that
  10. The parts are in recovery, bless and Chloe had a chinese! xx
  11. What about the Polish Club On Ecclesall Road?
  12. Do you know when in August yet Mr Shaffique?
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