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  1. ok.... don't quite understand the " " ..... but I paid £42.50. bit over the odds I know - but i'll get my money's worth!
  2. got it from video shop in Woodhouse yesterday - they marked it up a bit though - £42.50
  3. for info - got it from video shop in Woodhouse yesterday.
  4. the place in Crystal Peaks market normally sells it for cash the day before
  5. scoring record looks half decent - there are some big name strikers (like of Franny Jeffers) who made a very good career out of a lot worse strike rate.
  6. any idea what the crack is with sponsorship? ......... and we've heard all the jokes before the Wednesday fans pipe up.
  7. I like it without a sponsor!! ...... Soon as they stick a big sponsor on it it'll look shocking!
  8. http://www.walesonline.co.uk/footballnation/cardiff-city-fc/2011/04/11/nathan-blake-i-ll-be-smiling-if-bluebirds-help-relegate-smug-blades-91466-28495044/ Bit of a rant from Nathan Blake on this link.... fair to say he's not a big fan of the blades then.... .... I'm afraid to say that I agreed with some of what he has to say.... Fans being fickle.... nothing is ever good enough.... quick to turn on our team.... he's got a point..... although isn't that just football fans FULL STOP?
  9. we need to start signing some players on perm contracts. The thing that has been our undoing above all else is all the temp signings. a few months here and there from 20 players who have no interest in SUFC is no good. We need a core of players (25 ish) and then maybe 1 or 2 quality loan signings - not 15 squad members and 10 loan players.
  10. my god - Wednesday fans spend so long going on about our hotel....... they must really REALLY want one of their own. I'm sure it's been said on here a 1000 times before but here goes: SUFC don't run the hotel, a private company does..... so it makes no difference to the blades if the rooms sell for £5 a night or £500 a night......... ........ that's my understanding anyway.
  11. I'd be happy with Jewel, Coppell, Houghton, Southgate (possibly), Curbishley (possibly) would love O'Driscoll - but cant see him coming. Certainly DON'T want: Ellis, McCall, Strachan, Hart, Dowie
  12. I don't know what to think at the minute down at the Lane...... or what to think of my fellow blades fans....... or the chairman....!!! All I know at the minute is.... It DOESN'T MATTER who is manager at the minute, they WILL NOT live up to the expectations of the Blades fans with the current budget we have. We're looking for a magician: WANTED MANAGER, must be able to: - Operate on a shoe string budget - Throw together 10 loan signings and make a team - Play Barcelona style one touch football - Pick the same team as everyone on the kop (all of whome have a different opinion) Note: Team must also win 5-0 EVERY week... goals to be equally spaced throughout 90 minutes so team doesn't get accused of taking their foot of the gas! People having a go at Speed - it's not really his fault - not only does he not have a good team, but we don't really have a team, they're all loan signings and short term contracts. He's also trying to play football (WHICH WE ALL WANTED TO SEE). We all had a go at Blackwell - and we all blame him for the current squad - but he didn't sell of our best players through choice, or decide he wouldn't buy any permenant players and opt for loan signings. There are a growing number of people having a go at McCabe - but he threw some money at us and we got ONE season in the Premier League out of it. He then threw some money at it when we came down and (due to poor management choice in Robson) we failed to go back up. He can't keep throwing endless cash at it. Same old problem - all us fans want instant success, but what it really needs is for a manager to be given 3 or 4 years at it to build something from the ground up........ but this needs us to get the management choice right, and to give them time and support........... I'm not sure we'll get either!
  13. I'm struggling. Don't know what to do for new years eve this year. We have an 8 year old and fancy going to some sort of "Family Event" but I can't find anything on the internet for anything going off in Sheffield. Does anyone know of anything going off? I was told Aston Hotel has a party, but they're fully booked.
  14. heard the McCabe interview on Rad Sheff this morning. He didn't say anything new really. He said about 18 months ago that he wanted to step down as chairman as he couldn't give the club the attention due to living in Belgium, plus his other business ventures. Rad Sheff asked if he would be looking for his money back in the near future and he said that he doesn't see that he'll ever get his money back..... unless an Abrahmovic (SP) comes along. Obviously Wednesday fans are going to use this information, coupled with our operating losses, to try and make themselves feel better. SUFC Winding Up Orders 0 - SWFC Winding Up Orders 3
  15. thanks, I should probably add that we're on a tight budget, so maybe a hotel marquee might be out of our price bracket.
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