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  1. I have been a member on here since April 2003 in other words the beginning and it has changed a lot. In those day's members all knew each other (not personally) and made interesting discussion's wether they agreed or not but now you get people onhere just gunning for an argument or to dis-agree and twist your question for the sake of it. This thread is an example of that as the OP is just asking for an opinion and wether he is fed up or not isn't asking to move on to somewhere else. The forum is a bit like Jeremy Kyle show maybe it has had its day but people still look in
  2. I agree, I could go on about the stupid driver that flew past me at Bradfield last week at least 60mph on a 30mph road with inches between me on my bike and him who clearly should not be on the road but I won't really bother, it gets boring
  3. No offence taken...I know the Peak District very well but must say I have never heard of Friden. However, I have not been to the bike fest so I will take your word for it but I know people that have and they say the same thing as me
  4. Does anyone use the Green Star energy and if so can you tell me the cost and any pitfalls (If any). The first pitfall I experienced is the impossibilty of getting through to them on the phone.
  5. Kay Starr passed on Nov 3rd she was a great singer though even before my time she remains according to Billie Holliday the only white woman to be able to sing the blues...I would find it hard to disagree. R.I.P to a wonderfull singer
  6. The one at Bakewell was very expensive I heard and the rides are expensive to, I chose the York Rally which takes place on the same weekend it's much cheaper, and where the hells Friden
  7. Low live's are the people that rob you and your family and friends, people that break the law and in prison for committing a crime. Homelss people are people down on there luck and not lowlifes at all
  8. I never got to see Quo but have alway's intended to see them one day, looks like I have left it to late, bit gutted to be honest. Quo could play more that the minimal chord's someone described on here just look back to the 60's in there psychedelic era, they decided to change there style to the one we all know now
  9. Who-ever. The storys the same he ignored them and they have got all snotty about it. Him and Joan Baez were well matched
  10. He has and well deserved but the people who gave him the award are furious that he has not even acknowledged recieving it and he has ignnored all there phone calls. He's always been a protester against the establishment and here he is doing what he does best and sticking two fingers up to the Government. Only Dylan would do that and I applaud him for it
  11. Want to send a bicycle to Reading can anyone suggest one that's reliable and cheap of course..
  12. My Son has a red light on his Xbox 360 and it should be green, it simply won't come on. Anyone got an Idea whats going on. If it require's a repair I'm wondering if it will be worth it. It is not an old machine either
  13. This is a sad story to hear, I thought companies had to take on a percentage of disabled people. I want to applaud you for not taking the negative route and making something good come out of your disability, good luck I'm sure there is someone out there with the sense to believe in your achievements
  14. Yes they did, it was derelict for years it lost the cosy appeal after that and was never the same. Some pubs that modernise is a good thing but not for that one. I'm very suprised they knocked it down as a good builder/developer could have made that into a nice house
  15. Heard a lot about George Mooney and the gangs of Sheffield which is fascinating stuff but thought they were around in the 30s...????
  16. Aha, yes the Fox and Duck ..it was a little goldmine in it's day. It was extended in the early 80s in the tap room and a pool table was installed. Kinda ruined the pub in view and Doreen, Pitsmoor Annie Walker (dead ringer) was the landlady helped along with her Son Brian. I never knew her husband think he died before my time but I believe she was once married. The best room had a piano usually played by talented customers at the weekend and alway's a sing-a-long. It never had a juke box as far as I remember
  17. My dog for a start. Not all Dogs are born to run...in general yes but I'm not saying its cruel or justifyable but some dogs seem very stressed behind the runner. You may be right that this is a good thing for the dog to go out running with its owner.
  18. Gervais is another one that made it big in th U.S and as Corden don't find any of them funny. Skinner I find funnier but Baddiel to political for me. But admiration to them both as they both made it big in the States and you have to credit them for that, lots of British talent that outway Gervais and Corden have not made it over there.
  19. I see a lot of joggers out running with there dogs and though it looks great I can't stop feeling that some of the dogs are looking stressed. My question is then is taking your dog for a run kind or cruel. I understand that a dog is a great companion while out running but of course the dog can't say "I don't feel like running today" or " slow down i'm knackered infact some dogs do look knackered behind there owners and probably don't wanna be there. I'm aware that dogs can outrun Man in both distance and speed but not all breeds are capable of this. I'm on the fence with this, any views
  20. I've just read those links, apparently he converted the chapel so others could live in it not him so perhaps he still live's in Louth
  21. All the caper's he got up to in the film though funny suited the day. These days you would get locked up or accused of being a perv if you did the same things now...all good inocent fun then, bit different now , how things change
  22. Was it not called Studio 5 6 and 7 or am I confusing it with another cinema. Only went in once to see Annie Hall, worse film I ever saw
  23. Motown tribute band and not black thats like having the Chinese bloke doing a Tom Jones tribute act....
  24. Graham no longer lives in Louth he converted a church in the Orkney's and I believe he lives there now. Regarding school I'm not sure which one he went to.
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