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  1. So let's stretch the bandit area from West Street to Spital Hill because most stabbings and gun crime happens in that triangle. I do agree that for us who don't break the law it's a relatively safe area to walk but it's usually drug related and targeted attacks. Nether the less it's still a vile area
  2. What's rattled your sad case. I mearly pointed out the railway station road was closed when I went to catch a train last Saturday, wether you posted a thread on that is irrelevant. I was away all week so would not have seen your post as like some I don't spend my adventurous holidays sat on a keyboard looking at thread's on here.
  3. Maybe not but I think what he means is around that area of the City. It was closed off on Spital Hill twice lately and some other area's. I went to catch a train last Saturday and the railway station road was taped off, luckily I was on a bike
  4. When you get to the large roundabout just take the signs to Ponds Forge they are visable on the road and it swings round to the left and under a bridge, then you come to The Penny Black pub. You can park there or go further round to the queens head but remember it's one way and brings you back out to the ring road. If I'm not certain I think National Express pull up outside the Penny Black
  5. The Wicker is taped off again this morning, no shock there then but looks like it's serious which involves a Taxi driver being pulled so I'm told. What a horrible place that area has become
  6. There is a member on here called Hillsbro or near to that who is an expert in this kind of thing, check him out he may be a good help
  7. There used to be a cycle lane on the section from Firvale to the top of Herries Rd but since they re-tarmaced it they have not replaced it. So much for road safety for cyclists
  8. I don't know why they never did redevelop that area I remember that area right at the very end when there were just a few houses left. The park was the last thing to go. I think it would make a lovely spot to live but with the right people in them
  9. I watched Cat Weazle as a child and Worzel Gumidge and thought the two charactors were very simular. To be honest I thought he'd died years ago but good to see he had a good innings at 93
  10. That really confirms what I said that he did live there for a while. I would love to hear his views on the area now....
  11. I watched the re-run of the Good Old Days today and Jerry and Lenny were on it. I'd totally forgot Lennie was once a double act and though I quickly recognised Jerry I couldn't remember his name. I did not know he was a Sheffield guy either. Strangely theres nothing on Wikipedia about Jerry either which is how I found out that Lennie had passed in 2009.
  12. I heard he lived at Page Hall for a time in the 60s when he was known as Gerry Dorsey. I bet he wouldn't even visit it now
  13. Interesting story this but someone mentioned it being well out of the way at Redmires in December which I agree as the weather difference between Redmires and Sandygate would have been quite different in snow. I take it he had to commute to Sheffield from wherever he parked his bus (someone mentioned public transport) which I doubt Redmires would have had any in 1953 but saying that the hospital was there so maybe he got the bus from there. Rather strange but interesting story
  14. Took the words right out of my mouth. Football is a weekly problem caused by a stupid game week in and week out and I have to cycle through it and the fans on the road every time but do I moan about it Noooo, so get a grip you moaners and try supporting the cycle race
  15. I will certainly get a copy of this book next time I'm in Town. Just a thought though he say's he won't stop until he reaches a million quid. I think John would miss his life on the road after he's made the Million and think he should carry on. At least he is keeping himself occupied and fit and the last thing he needs is to become a Jeremy Kyle viewing figure.
  16. I'm not a football fan in-fact I detest the game but I'm sure if I was a fan I would not pay to watch it on TV. I'm a big boxing fan and I refuse to pay per view any boxing match. This pay per view era will eventually ruin the sport as now I can only name a hand full of boxers compared to the good old days of mainstream tele.
  17. Does the Op of this thread really think cyclist's should ditch the road for a "cycle path" to avoid dangerous driver's,, is he for real, How embarrassing
  18. Gotta admit her acting skills are let's say bottom level and she portrayed her new role as being completely different from the old. I can't see any difference, she's still rubbish and a total waste of time.
  19. Thanks for the replies I do get jittery on this road, maybe it will feel better in daylight however I never cycle on paths NEVER but on this stretch I may make an exception but at the moment the tarmac on the path is up with no great rush to lay the new tarmac.
  20. I cycle along this road every night to commute to work it's the quickest route for me but its becoming very dangerous. It looks fairly wide but car's have real problems passing me when the traffic is heavy from the on-coming side. There about to resurface this road and I see they have no plans in widening it with a cycle lane which is very much needed on the section between Moonshine and were the college used to be. Traffic insist's on passing me when it's clearly not safe to do so and I have had many close shaves. For the cynics out there yes I could use another route but that would add to my journey. I have 2 point's here and that is for vehicles to pass only when safe to do so because it's a matter of when not if that I get knocked off, another is to take out those oversize grass verge's and put a cycle lane in. Anyone else travel on a bike up this road at peak time
  21. I can't answer that but hopefully they will demolish it and build well needed homes for the homeless
  22. They were filmd on London Rd and Hill St area
  23. Though I never listen in live I usually listen to the playback. Never miss an episode..any other fans
  24. Big clap for Lyn Fauld Woods she's spot on about her remark about "Empire". If these nauseating awards have to continue to be given then give them to people who save lives
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