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    I have playes the guitar for 34 years and have a love of all things American
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    I work for Marks and Spencer
  1. any dates for local shows yet, my corvette is waiting to go prowling again
  2. has anyone got dates and times of all local shows in and around sheffield
  3. ttp://i79.photobucket.com/albums/j145/masi0898/masi-corvette1.jpg my corvette
  4. I will try to get some more USA cars and bikes if I can
  5. I shall be taking my 1981 chevrolet corvette big block, it's got a 7.3 litre engine and they only made 2000 so it's very rare in the uk
  6. I am taking my 1981 chevy corvette big block (thats 7.3 litres) this might grab some lime light away from the fiestas !!! They only made 2000 of this model as it puts down 623 bhp, it's quite a rare model because of the engine.
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