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  1. Hello I'm happy to take a photo for you - I own a Tilt-shift lens (corrects perspective on buildings etc). Cost would be £50. Regards Paul Cantrell
  2. I'm pretty certain it's nothing like that expensive ....
  3. Old Horns at Bradfield is reasonable, also isn't quite a carvery or necessarily a roast but Wig & Pen is good for Sunday lunches too.
  4. Wyming Brook up near Redmires reservoir, Derwent Valley, Padley Gorge, Stanage Edge are all lovely places and right on the edge of Sheffield.
  5. There is plenty of beautiful countryside around Sheffield to explore.
  6. Are you wanting it done in a studio or at home / some location? I'm CRB checked.
  7. Maybe but a new router which has auto channel changing feature as it might not be a problem with the router itself.
  8. Are you tethering via WiFI or Bluetooth? WiFi will have a much greater range ...
  9. I'm meant to be photographing them, assuming the press pass is sorted.
  10. I used to rate Nonna's for it's food - about 3 years ago 4 of us went and 2 of us had the same fillet steak dish - the steak was dreadful, full of gristle and fat, when I complained they just shrugged their shoulders. Not been in since.
  11. No it's a very new and good camera, Having said that - I call myself a photographer but it's much easier to describe myself as a paedophile as that is what everyone thinks you are.
  12. If you ever have a problem with my child - which you won't 'cos I'm on his back before you know it - feel free to take me to task about it. When I say 'jump' he asks 'how high' - the hours he has spent in the cold cellar has taught him well.
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