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  1. no matter what we all get the aches and pains and the ups and downs etc...but do you let those things change your view of life? have you ever stopped literally or thought to yourself...you know life is good! ok we get stressed and it is hard to make ends meet...but if at the end of the day you have a home to live in...food in your tummy...something to wash it down with and then you sit down with your wife..reach out and hold her hand and cuddle up...dont that make you feel good? ok there is more to life that holding and hands and cuddling lol but when there is nothing else to do isnt it nice just to cuddle up and just hold each other? maybe the next day you have a holiday booked in say florida for the next 4 weeks? isn't that something to look forward to and enjoy? i say life is good...theres nothing like it so whilst we have it try and enjoy it while we can:cool:
  2. can you remember the last time you planned to have a romantic weekend with your partner? if you have to think long and hard then maybe its time to sit down and plan one? if its been a long time since you took the intitive and surprised her by taking her out for a nice slap up meal during the summer when its cool and night time holds back so perhaps after dinner you could take a stroll through the park arm in arm and just use that time to share your feelings for each other...so that by the time you reach home you know you are both ready...you'll be surprised how good you feel after...makes me wish i was still with my ex cause i think id treat her this weekend and show her how much i appreciate her:love: go on get loved up this weekend!
  3. guys i know its not something you would normally do but if some reason you had to sing a song to your wife/ girlfriend which song would choose that would best reflect your feelings for your babe? and if you ever did that how did she react? or:hihi:?
  4. i did this morning its silly really but it was my way of letting out steam. what it was was my neighbour downstairs has this habit of dragging her chair across the floor and it tends to start from around5.30am onwards...well this morning she did it really loudly and i cried out loudly for effs sake! then it fell silent...and i felt really bad afterwards...i'm not sure if she heard me swear? but she is aware that her habit of dragging the chair gets on my nerves...ive asked her several times to stop it but to no avail...anyway as i said i felt really bad after...wishing i had not sworn even though it was because i'm tired of hearing that noise. my ex used to advise me to put on the tv or music to drown out the sound...ive have tried that but then i find that i can still hear it...then the kids downstairs start running up and down the stairs shouting and screaming and slamming doors....oh it can be hell living here at times! i think part of the problem is is there is little or no sound proofing material between the walls and floors so i can be in my bed and hear someone flusing their toilet downstairs...the flats i used to live in(not sure if you heard of chalkhill estate?) well it was an old council estate that was built in 1967...at the time it was considered to be something special...you needed approval to live there it was that exclusive. well by the time i moved into one of the flats in 1989...it was far from exclusive...broken security doors...grafifti everywhere...a typical rundown council estate...complete with mice...and a never supply of coackroaches...to say it was horrible living there was a understatement...and to add to the torment, i then became familiar with now torments me everyday...the chair dragging...but it was worse there. the amount of arguments and near fights i had with my neighbours next door and below was unbeliveable! one night my neighbour came storming up in a rage and literally kicked my front door in! i was standing behind it stopping it from falling door on me. when the police came he just denied it and said he had been in bed asleep...nothing was done...when i finally left the old chalkhill estate in december 2000 it felt like i was leaving hell and going into paradise! it would be now 10 years on if only the chair dragging would stop! whats your homes or neighbours from hell stories?
  5. i phoned my mum this morning and she told me that my younger brother refused to drive her to the hospital so that she could visit my dad who is in his late 70s and is very ill with diabetes. my mum is also diabetic and only recently came out of hospital having lost 3 toes because they went gangrene after she got an infection in her foot that didnt heal because of her diabetes. she can barely walk...let allow hold a cup to drink water without it spilling down her front. it is heart breaking to see. just before christmas last year i went to stay with her(i'm her eldest son) and i was staying in my former bedroom upstairs and i heard my mum struggling to walk up the stairs with her bad foot so i got out of bed and went out into the hallway...it turns out that if i had not come out of the bedroom she would have fell backwards down the stairs and that would have been the end for her...i managed to grab her just in time as she slipped back and i carried her back to her bedroom. i was shaking because i realised how close she had been to falling down the stairs. anyway when my mum told me this morning that my younger brother had arrogantly refused to drive her to the hospital but chose to drive his girlfriend home instead i was incensed:mad: it saddened me that he could be so selfish to his own mother who is now in such poor health and all she asked him was to give her a lift to the hospital so she could visit her frail and poorly husband(our dad) apparently he flared up at her saying i'm not taking you! she told me she cannot afford paying for cabs each time because its so expensive...a few trips there and back and your looking at at least 50-60 pounds and thats alot for a pensioner who is in poor health with a husband laid up ill in hospital. it made me think that it is a sign of the times that people are very selfish and dont care about anyone except themselves and when you try to reason with them they flare up at you and refuse listen. very sad:( has anyone else experienced barefaced selfishness within your own family?
  6. arrrrr thats terrible to pinch your bike and leave their old one behind...thats really taking the yellow water:mad:
  7. well i still miss my ex and its been 10 months...i know i should have got over her by now but the fact is i havent. i also have not dated since we broke up although i did invite a woman round who had long had the hots for me but i'm afraid i didnt feel the same so it came to nothing...but even while i was with her i was thinking and talking about my ex:love:
  8. people have at one time or another imagined what it would be like to travel back to any period of time? if it were possible what period of time would you choose to go back to and why? i would like to go back to the tudor period or during the time when samuel pepys etc was alive and see what life was really like? can you imagine what it must of been like for poor people during those times? i would also like to go back to the time of rome and go to the circus maximus and see what it was like? i would also love to go back to the time when jesus was on the earth and meet him and see what he looked liked and talked like? i would also love to go back to the time when moses lead the israilites (sorry about my spelling mistakes) out of eygpt and to see when they were lead through the red sea that must of been awe inspiring to see!
  9. this for the ladies..... if you could spend one night with a famous male celebrity who out of the following twenty would you chose...and why? 1. george clooney(what is it about this man that women swoon over him?) 2. johnny depp 3. brad pitt(again what is it about him?) 4. denzil washington 5. 50 cent 6.colin firth 7.sean connery(does he still do it for you ladies?) 8.daniel craig 9.matt damon 10.hugh laurie 11.mel gibson(now surely this man has lost his appeal?) 12.daniel-day-lewis 13.russell crowe(now this guy always looks mean:mad:) 14.nicolas cage 15.richard gere 16.pierce Brosnan 17.jamie foxx 18.tom cruise(surely this guy has had his day?) 19.Ben Affleck 20.hugh jackman
  10. well your not alone jab...i date big women too...i never get the ewwwww no way feeling...i guess i see it as more to love rather than you'll need to lose 20 st before i even look at you again...
  11. would you care to elaborate on why you wouldn't ruby?
  12. hi k thanks for the clarification...yes i agree it would be a awful scenario to imagine being in...whether pub or club...the minute someone makes a scene you get that awful silence:help: and everyone looks at you and you get that please floor open and swallow me now! i remember going on a date with a very big lady...way over 30 st or more and we walked into this pub and you can bet we got the most stares:o whereas if she had been 10 st no one would have noticed us.
  13. i'm afraid mr adair left us on august 7th 2004:(
  14. arrrr bless yr heart brillo! thats what you call real love...i bet she would be blushing if she read what you wrote:love::
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