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  1. how are the roads from Asda to Darnall and then towards town please, anything we should be aware of and avoid - cheers in advance
  2. Can anyone remember the name of the man/company selling wills in Crystal Peaks, he was an older man. Sorry this must have been a few years ago. cheers in advance
  3. Thank you for the information guys - it is much appreciated - the links are great cheers
  4. Just asking if anyone knows of places to park to sit and view the planes landing and taking off near Robin Hood Airport. Would just like to sit for 1/2 hour or so and sit and watch the planes. Cheers in advance Kriss
  5. If the Dr. was listening what is going on there, ok to give drugs out then!! questions should have been asked.... oh well hope this is not the future of the NHS....
  6. Sewing machine shop on Chesterfield Road, wonderful staff very helpful, would definately recommend.
  7. Does any know how much a Hawkers Licence is please can it be for weekends only ? not sure how they work any ideas anyone please
  8. Hi there Please visit my web page and have a look around http://dragonponddesigns.weebly.com/ Cheers Kriss
  9. Does anyone know of any carboots going off in the week please. I know Saturday and Sunday just wondered if anything in week.
  10. yea sounds good but what guarantee do you have of not running off with the goods
  11. Make sure you have a good mask and ventilation not good to inhale fine particles.
  12. What a shame to grow all that lovely food too. Hope you dont have too much that goes to waste. If the committee / council do have open days or sale days do they post anywhere to advertise this.
  13. are listeners welcome, bet it will sound brill
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