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  1. Please let me know if your car has also been damaged as a result of someone throwing stones and bricks off the viaduct on Harries Road today. My car was hit while I was driving just after 5pm tonight. I stopped the car thinking it had been an accident to find two more cars stopping for the same reason (one car with a broken windscreen, the other with a huge dent on the side). I have a deep, 10cm long dent on the roof but most importantly I was left shaken thinking how much it scared me while I was driving. Also there was a lady with a pram walking under the viaduct at the time! Please contact the police if you can provide any information or have been affected by the same. It is being treated as a crime now as numerous calls have been made throughout the evening by people who are affected by this horrendous act of stupidity!
  2. Would be lovely to speak to his family (it appears that he had 4 children) and find out a bit more about him and the house. I think his daughter is a doctor and she used to work for the dental surgery on Stannington Road. I wonder whether my neighbours will be able to help - they have been here since 70s. Thanks for all your help!
  3. hello again, I am finding it massively fascinating. There is an article on Sheffield Star on Rudolf Krzok who passed away last year in February: http://www.thestar.co.uk/retro/tributes-paid-to-teenage-war-hero-turned-south-yorkshire-mechanic-1-7108615 This gentleman was originally Polish - So am I! He was one of the war heroes that settled in the UK after the war - even more interesting!
  4. Thank you so much. Hillsbro, Do you remember the house as anything else other than a residential property ? Is there anymore information on these occupants in the directories other than names? (According to our survey report the house was built between 1890 and 1900 - we haven't got the deeds yet - is is possible that it was not listed on the directories ?)
  5. Hi. I meant number 86, the doublefronted house on the cirner if Stannington Rd and Wood Lane. ---------- Post added 12-02-2016 at 23:34 ---------- Hi. I meant number 86, the doublefronted house on the corner of Stannington Rd and Wood Lane.
  6. Thanks for your reply. There must be a note or a photograph of the house somewhere with it being a shop in the past so will carry on looking ...
  7. Hi My family and I have recently moved to a house by the Anvil pub. We are very interested in the history of the place. We tried checking both 1901 and 1911 census but found nothing (the house was build around 1900). We were now told that the house used to be a butcher's shop (which explains no data in the census). Does anyone know anything more or perhaps have any old photographs?
  8. Friend had a similar problem - was adviced to do "skin to skin" contact while breastfeeding - basically feed topless - apparently really helped! Another thing - breastfeeding groups - although I've never had any issue with breastfeeding (my daughter is 4 months now) I started attending the groups - (there is one in Hillsborough Children's Centre on Monday between 1-3pm). There are loads of new mums who not only chat about their experiences but also get some advice from our breastfeeding support worker. Please don't get upset or think you are a bad mum!!! It will definetely get better!!! good luck!
  9. Hi. I am looking for a place for my little daughter in one of the above nurseries. Does anyone have any opinion about them? What are the prices ?? I know Little Imp charge about 4.20 per hour. What about Daisy Chain?
  10. wouldnt recomment HiQ, went there a month ago, booked for MOT testing - knew would need some work as my car is not exactly new - was offered a repair day for two weeks after my MOT test. Then took my car elsewhere - was told didnt need half as many repairs as HiQ listed.
  11. i drove to East Midlands Airport at about 4.30. It was fun especially on the way back. Had to stop as I couldnt see lanes and total darkness didnt help at all. One lane was passable on M1 at this point. Drove 30-40 miles/h and still got loads of lorries overtaking me while the snow from their roofs was falling off on my windscreen.. anyway, thought it couldnt be any worse when I got to Parkway. sheffield roads at about 7.30-8 were properly covered with a snow, no salt, no gritting but I suppose noone could have predicted that much snow in ony a couple of hours... PS. My parents flight was due at 6.50... they've been sitting on a plane for last 2h hoping to departure... still nothing..
  12. I dont want to name the agents only because I am not the "name and shame" kind of person. I prefer to believe that I was just unlucky and normally it doesnt happen. What have they done? It more about what they haven't done. Easy to guess.
  13. Just wondering what your experience with estate agents in sheffield is. I am in the process of buying a house now and yet I am so unimprssed with my estate agent.. I am not going to name it as I still feel that it wouldnt be appropriate but wonder if it is only my bad luck to people or they are all the same... Do they care about their customers?
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