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  1. Hi all We are looking for a keeper for our Saturday morning 11 a side team. Based in Crookes but home games at the Hellipad. Give us a shout if you fancy it or if you know anybody who might be up for it. Half decent team but not exactly World beaters and a good bunch of lads mostly in 20s and 30s
  2. Short notice I know but does anybody fancy playing in goal 11 a side footy tomorrow? We have a keeper crisis and I really don't want to go in net. Kick off is 10.30am. Lifts can be provided. Send me a message if interested
  3. Did you see the article about Gino D'acampo? He has recently legally changed his name to add the new middle name of 'Sheffield' http://www.mirror.co.uk/tv/tv-news/celebrity-juice-gino-dacampo-legally-5491478 I just wondered have ever tried to get people to call you something else, maybe because you don't really like your name?
  4. Did you hear about the young lad that was sent home from school for his inappropriate outfit on National Book Day. He came dressed as Christian Grey complete with sharp suit and err cable ties. Have you ever been sent home for school because of something you wore? Inappropriate new haircut, outfit, tattoo etc??
  5. So this seems to be the basic premise of the new BBC 1 show where members of the public get to go back and say sorry to someone in their past that they wronged or a thank you to somebody that they should've thanked at the time. I think there are probably a few teachers I should say sorry to but what about you? Does anyone come to mind?
  6. Turns out a hand held dust buster is not a brilliant valentines gift. Sends out the wrong message apparently:( oops Anyone received a more inappropriate valentines gift ever?
  7. Ha as a terrible speller I think I may just be bitter. Although as a serious point it does feel that there are fewer people that encourage people to write freely and creatively and more people ready to pick up on grammatical errors. Might just be my perception. Obviously I am not lumping said small girl into this group however.
  8. Did you see this story in the Telegraph about the young pedant who wrote to Nestle? http://www.sheffieldtelegraph.co.uk/news/local/sheffield-girl-writes-to-nestle-after-finding-spelling-mistake-on-smarties-packet-1-7091178 Has anyone ever written to a big company with a complaint and got a load of free stuff or just the odd voucher?
  9. Good one. Other people's babies. I hear ya
  10. My mate Dunc is making a big song and dance about the Superbowl tonight. He's staying up late, getting beers in etc etc Thing is I know for a fact that he doesn't really like or even understand it (his wife confessed when drunk) He just watches it because he thinks it seems cool So what do you pretend to like (or used to pretend) because you think it makes you cool or because you told your partner ages ago and now cant go back on it??
  11. Does anybody know a witch or someone who is very interested in witchcraft? I would really like to pick their brains
  12. Hi all I'm looking for someone to come on my morning breakfast radio show tomorrow morning to chat about this film. Ideally a bit of a Northern Soul fan who knows a bit about the Sheffield scene too. It'd be sometime between 8-9am by the workstation tmrw morning and very relaxed DM if you fancy it
  13. I'm honestly not rubbing it in. Just curious, which is the first school back this week or are any teachers in today on Monday?
  14. I went to the Zippo circus last night in Endcliffe Park and although I had a great time and ooohed and aaahhed with the rest of the audience, one moment still makes me squirm; Halfway through the comedy jester character in braces went into the audience looking for volunteers to come and make a fool of themselves in the spotlight as part of his act. I sensed that I wasn't alone in freezing and shrinking down into my seat. Luckily I avoided his eye and some poor other sap got selected (he had to very awkwardly do some air guitar moves and jump around) It did make me wonder, does anybody actually like being picked? Has anybody got any excruciating moments they'd care to share or is it all to painful??
  15. Hi all I've just moved house and when exploring my new attic I realised that the previous owner had left a creepy black feather hat and several strange black goth pictures. Sadly the charity shop was not keen So what is the weirdest thing that you've found left behind by previous occupiers?
  16. No I think we are talking about 'proper cooking' splattery, pots and pans etc
  17. Sorry I'm not being pervy here honestly. I just think it's one of those myths that you hear about in songs (Jealous by Beyoncé) or see in films and on tv but nobody ever does in real life Am I wrong?
  18. This weekend I made the mistake of mentioning in passing to my friend that I was an extra in the 90s clubbing film Human Traffic. I was at uni in Cardiff at the time where it was filmed and a producer came into out student union and asked if anyone wanted to be in a film and eat as many free sandwiches as they could. Well being impoverished students naturally we jumped at the chance. Turns out being an extra in a film is actually quite dull. We had to pretend we were hardcore clubbers even though we were clearly dressed like scruffy students. Long story short I made the final cut and can be seen looking sweaty and a bit porky (student fat yrs) dancing behind a young Danny Dyer in the club scenes. My friends dug out the film from their DVD collection and took great delight in pausing to locate my sweaty face lurking in the background of said scenes. My claim to fame turned out to be not as cool as I thought. So my q is; when have you been captured lurking in the background on tv, fim, sporting event etc??
  19. I am near Endcliffe Park/Rustlings Road in S11
  20. Hi all We a picking up a lovely 18 month old black lab this weekend from RSPCA Sheffield My wife and I both work full time but I can work from home a fair bit. Therefore we are looking for a dog walker who can take 'Harley' out maybe 2 or 3 times a week at lunchtime when we are both at work We know that Harley is quite active but If you are interested or know anyone please give me a shout Thanks
  21. I am looking for someone to come on my Monday Morning breakfast radio show on Sheffield Live 93.2fm to chat about films/new releases etc No experience required just need to be passionate about films If you are interesed, please PM me and we can the where and when's
  22. I think the first 2 or 3 Valentines cards I hand made and gave to my mum but when I was about 10 I bought one for a girl in my class Miranda that I really fancied. I put it in her desk at breaktime. After break she conducted a Hercule Poirot style investigaton with all her friends interrogating each boy to see who was responsible. Naturally I completed bottled it and denied everything when I was approached Dont think I bought another one for about 10 years
  23. Was there a gift that you always wanted as little boy or girl and never got? For years I held much bitterness and resentment at never receiving a Castle Grayskull from He- Man when i was 6. It still hurts for sure but I think I'm over it now. Just. What about you? Were you as much of a brat?
  24. Hey sorry to piggyback I am looking for a dj too for 26th jan 2013. My wife's 30th birthday party. It is an 80's theme. Lots of 80's music needed
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