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  1. I would be encouraged to return to an active classifieds user if there was an 'all' section. Just pop it beneath the 'other' and allow users to see time ordered adverts in just one place rather than having to dip into categories they probably don't know they are interested in. I may be lazy, but I just don't go in and out of multiple categories, so don't bother at all.
  2. Is there any chance of having the option to see the 'for sale' posts NOT split into sections. I like to see whatever's available, something might tickle my fancy - but just don't bother to dip in and out of each category. Or even just a 'new today' or 'this week' option. I'm not suggesting scrapping the categories (though you can for me), just offering a different way of viewing the data.
  3. Have just been to eightlives to drop off a christmas food parcel and fuss their guests. They are doing a great job, but if you are looking for a furry addition, please give them a try, they have some very loving mogs at the moment, and there are always plenty more that need help. http://www.catchat.org/shelter_centre/index.php?route=shelters/shelter&path=4eightlives
  4. There is a system being marketed at the moment, together with smartphone app! Called the Hive or something. May have considered it myself if I'd seen it 18 months ago when I re-did mine.
  5. does the heating still work? unsure - it's too flaming hot as it is. will give it a try. exiting update. No, heating not working convincingly. Rads have been warmed a little, but not like would be expected.
  6. I have a Baxi instant 105e that's been in the house as long as i have, so 8yr+ It has ceased generating hot water, or rather, it manages to preheat the hot water fine, but fails to do so on demand. The flue fault lights. Have done some reading, and says this is either a fault with flue OR the PCB! Is it worth jut getting it fixed? Or would I notice getting an A rated condenser instead. I run heating constantly through the winter as home all day and temperature falls sharlpy as soon as heating goes off.
  7. Mine came back on finally around 3pm, half hour after their support said looks like it is out till Friday! Their status page shows an issue for 'all of yorkshire'.
  8. yes, s8, practically dead today, apart from this site strangely. Absolutely fine previously.
  9. The coach operators themselves, and I presume the drivers too, don't allow the booze on board. This is because they know there is a chance of being searched, and turned around by the plod. Can you imagine having 50+ ******-up, ******-off Blades on board that aren't even going to get to see the game?
  10. I think this... icanhascheezburger.files.wordpress.com/2009/04/funny-pictures-kitten-is-fastest-and-furriest.jpg ...is a fluffy kitten. (paste it into the browser)
  11. Hi, I'm not in a dispute, but me and my neighbour are trying to work out who is responsible for the upkeep of a bit of wall.
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