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  1. We need help in getting a home for our family dog, please could someone give me advice. He sadly needs to go ASAP I really so need help. He is a loving family dog, 1 year old. My husband has had to take a full time job and I already have a full time job, we are both out of the house 12 hours a day, and it's not fair on him. Dose anyone know how I can get help.
  2. Im wanting to get my 7 year old son into football. I live at the Gleadless area so I was wondering if there are any near by? He used to do a training session at Graves Park but that was last year and I dont know if it is still on. Anyone know of anywere?
  3. Does anyone know where to get some old coins valued. Our Grandad passed some on to us and I think they could be worth something. Thanks Emma
  4. Im looking to get my son into football. I live near Hearding Park and see alot of kids play there. I was just wondering how i get my son to play. He hasnt really had any training, so i dont know if i can just get him into a team. But thats what he and i want. So how do i get him training and good enough to get him into a team?
  5. Since i have started my new job i have noticed i have put on weight. Im not getting used to the times, as i work night so i notice my self eatin loads or none at all and feeling ill. I want to lose weight but dont know what to eat and when. I am a VERY fussy eater. I dont like Veg, I dont like salad and I always end up binin the fruit. I have tried all the veg and salad but i just do not like it. If you have any idears let me know. I start work at 11pm and finish at 7am. So i got to bed at 9am till 3pm then back at 7pm till 9pm. So if anyone has any idears on time and food it would be of grate use. Thanks Emma
  6. With starting a new full time job. Im wanting to find as meny recipies i can for the slow cooker. Working all day then have to come home and cook for 4 lads is not a good idear. So pop it all in, in the morning and when i come home bish bash bosh!!!
  7. Hiya, i was just wondering if anyone knows the best place to get a spray tan.. Not one thats goin to turn me orange. And not one thats going to cost me a bomb. Thanks Emma
  8. Police just been to my house cause i live near. Askin if i seen owt.
  9. I have just been give a slow cooker, but no instruction, no recipes no nothing. I have never used one and dont know how to use one. I dont even know what you can cook in one. So i need everything. Recipes.. How to use it... Everything... Thankyou Emma
  10. Hi all. My sister and I are wanting to open our own salon up. We know what we want. What we need and have found a place to let. Its just the money side. We need to make a plan so we can get financial help. We just dont know how to put it all down on paper, and all the other things we might miss. We need someone to help us out...
  11. Hi all. I was just wondering weather there was any classes that do boxing training, but with out the sparing or the fighting. I just been thinking about it and you have to be really fit to be a boxer. But i dont want to fight. Just tone up and be fit. Like the running, skippin and punch bag and so on.. Might sound sill but i really fancy doing somthing like this. So if you know anywere please let me know!! Thanks Emma
  12. Dose any one know were i can buy one. I have looked all over the net and i can only find ways of making one:loopy:.
  13. I think you should go as a pregnant nun (lol a naughty nun)... Could be from nuns on the fun or sister act..
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