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  1. ,#I have noticed that my hydrangea pot is full of bees and it is near my front door it is like a nest under the earth and I don't know what to do
  2. How do you get a voucher for spaying a small jrt girl
  3. I take my two to Mucky Pups at Dronfield ! Gemma is great ? ? ? 07429378112
  4. I took my big plec to pets at home at Heeley retail park ??
  5. Hi, where is your letting agency ? I have a son who is looking for a house with 2 other men all in there 50s who are tenants at a house in Psalter lane and have been there for about 6 years but the landlord has decided he is selling the house, they want somewhere in the Netheredge area as my son has a lot of hospital appointments if you know of anywhere can you let me know ? Thanks.
  6. Is the new pub just off Broadfield road the hardy pick open yet?
  7. Got ours from Argos last year been great so far it fits in a small plant pot !
  8. The big light shop round the back of Atkinsons ,forgot what they call it ! I got one from there.
  9. Has anyone been in the new Tea rooms on Abbeydale road ,it has been busy all week and it was packed Sunday, wondered if anyone had tried it ?
  10. The chip shop on London Road is now closed after all these years,went in on Friday tea time and that was the last time. Kath is going home, some one from Crookes has bought it who has the Admiral . Hope they are as nice as Kath's when they open, she will be missed she is a lovely lady, So good luck to her !
  11. Mod Note: Please use the Vacancies section of the classifieds. Closing.
  12. Just get a bucket put some food in it and get some books and pile them up at side of bucket like steps, it will climb up and jump in bucket for food but can't get out,do this at night ,we did this with my Grand-daughters ones and they were both in bucket next morning !!
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