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  1. I think it was 59. Glossop Road (outbound) then anticlockwise to Hilsborough. I took a pic of the bus after arriving in Hilsborough, and the banner shows 59 Eccleshall, although I'm not sure if that had already been changed for the next run. Thanks
  2. Hello folks. There are a few other threads on this forum going back through the years talking about the now discontinued Inner / Outer Circle bus routes. In October 2003, when I was a student, I persuaded a friend to buy an all day ticket with me and go (almost) the whole way, from West Street to Hilsborough via bloody everywhere in between. I happened to have my first digital camera at the time, and as quickly as it could cope (with a 10 second pause to think after each photo) I tried to record the journey. I'm now working on making a little photo-book of these snaps. They're becoming more of an historical artefact with every year. I was wondering if anyone could post or share a map (presumably SYPTE rather than First) of the route we would have taken around about that time? There is a scan of a much older map on the forums, but that dates from when it was a full circle, rather than the 300º (ish) circle it was when we took it. Many thanks.
  3. An odd way to start a thread, but as a recent ex-Sheffielder now in Glasgow I'm going to see The Handsome Family at the Glasgow Americana festival tonight. I see that they're playing tomorrow (Monday 18 ) night in Sheffield at the City Hall, and some tickets seem to still be available. My humble protestation is that if you have fourteen and a half spare pounds, and if you are interested in modern alt-country or Americana, you will not be disappointed by this mesmerising husband and wife duo. Their music is dark, rich and gloriously weird. http://www.sheffieldcityhall.co.uk/events/the_handsome_family Hope this doesn't break any forum rules by plugging an event. If you want you can catch them at a couple of other UK dates after this one, but some have now sold out.
  4. Looks like it was July / August 2008. If anyone can tell me the colours of the various University of Sheffield graduation gowns you could work out the exact day from this view! http://www.google.co.uk/maps?f=q&source=s_q&hl=en&geocode=&q=Sheffield&sll=53.382407,-1.484399&sspn=0.006745,0.01384&g=Brook+Hill,+Sheffield&ie=UTF8&ll=53.381402,-1.487103&spn=0,359.956012&z=15&layer=c&cbll=53.38135,-1.487282&panoid=ih2PlhR_ze8JSB_32oJrlg&cbp=12,208.4198627013823,,0,0.09109472490073768 I could well be in that crowd somewhere.
  5. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/7926036.stm ... why am I not surprised? But with no planned cuts to services, I can only imagine the experience of the travelling passenger is set to get worse.
  6. Apologies if you don't use Facebook, but perhaps those who do might be able to help some friends who have been getting a Christmas card addressed to these two for the last two years... http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/group.php?gid=41798829083
  7. After months of planning and preparation, tomorrow morning Northern Rail start their new through service from Nottingham to Leeds via Meadowhall, Alfreton, Dronfield, Langley Mill, Sheffield, Chesterfield, Barnsley and Wakefield Kirkgate. The service is hourly and, amongst other benefits, increases significantly the number of trains calling at Dronfield. Apart from the usual start and end of the day differences, the extra Leeds train leaves Sheffield at xx:18 and the extra Nottingham bound train leaves at xx:05. The full timetable's here: http://www.northernrail.org/pdfs/timetables/20081117/33.pdf Happy commuting for all of you who stand to benefit from more trains Sheffield/Leeds or Sheffield/Nottingham
  8. Obviously there aren't any through services right now because of the Tinsley Tunnel blockade, but long suffering passengers on East Midlands Trains (formerly Central Trains) Liverpool - Manchester - Sheffield - Nottingham - Peterborough - Norwich services can look forward to seeing the first of the newly refurbished trains out and about this week, hopefully entering service soon. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/derbyshire/7701713.stm If anything, these trains should, in fact, be more comfortable than the similar units EMT "borrowed" from their sister company South West Trains. EMT have contracted a company called Delta Rail to take their hodgepodge fleet of trains and refurbish them to the same standard. Screengrab of exterior Screengrab of seating Screengrab of interior
  9. Although I find those seats hard... try taking one of those trains on the Manchester - Glasgow / Edinbugh run. You'll arrive in Scotland with an arse tougher than concrete
  10. Of the 8 coaches, only 1 and a half are first class. A couple of the toilets have been removed and the seating has been reconfigured from the original 1970s layout to increase the total number of seats to 550. And while there are currently only two trains in service, there will eventually be five which will be carefully inserted into the timetable to provide maximum relief to overcrowding at key points. Obviously CrossCountry routes are so long that the same train can be a rush hour service for part of its journey and an off-peak one an hour or so later. And remember that the people who pay the pay for the crazy three figure full fare first class tickets basically subsidise the cheaper advance purchase tickets that you and I can afford (like the Glasgow to Doncaster single for £10.60 that I bought last night)
  11. If, like me, you can't stand the cramped and badly designed Voyager trains that are used on the north-south CrossCountry services through Sheffield (between Scotland / northern England and the south coast / south west) you should keep an eye out for the first of the heavily refurbished HST125 trains that Arriva have brought back into service as part of the franchise that replaced Virgin (who decommissioned them in the first place). The first two refurbished trains are now in regular operation. According to the current timetable, they will call at Sheffield Monday to Friday only forming the 12:06 northbound departure to Aberdeen and the 14:00 southbound departure to Plymouth. These trains have eight carriages (instead of the four or five of the puny Voyagers), new disabled spaces and toilets and brand new seating... so you're pretty much guaranteed a seat for a change. There are some photos of the refurbished interiors here... definitely worth catching these trains if you have a longer journey to endure. http://www.trainpics.net/c1587437.html Happy travelling
  12. If you missed it, or want to listen again, the two part show is being rebroadcast yesternight/tonight on BBC 6 Music at midnight. Part one is on the iPlayer now: http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b00cttxn/
  13. Saw many of these during a recent trip to Chicago and was very impressed with such a simple idea... fold down bike racks that carry two bicycles in front of the bus. http://jamesbrownontheroad.wordpress.com/2008/07/05/bikes-on-public-transport/ Notwithstanding any structural or technical differences between buses over there and those here, would you like to see similar bike racks installed on buses in Sheffield? This might be a pretty handy incentive to get people out of their cars and combining public transport with pedal power
  14. According to petrolprices.com (with dates last updated): Shell St Phillips Sheffield 127.9p 18-06-2008 Waitrose Sheffield Sheffield 127.9p 19-06-2008 Sainsburys Archer Road Sheffield 127.9p 19-06-2008 Jet/Pearl Motors Sheffield 127.9p 19-06-2008 Shell Barnsley Barnsley 127.9p 18-06-2008 Asda Barnsley Barnsley 127.9p 19-06-2008
  15. Could anyone help out with this request... does the MoD or Army have an address or point of contact for wellwishers to send care packages or letters to "random" (i.e. not personally known or specifically addressed) serving members of the British forces overseas? Possibly the Yorkshire Regiment, to keep it local? While my political leanings do not agree with many of our armed involvements overseas, I was impressed to hear that serving members of our armed forces receive modest care packages with simple things (chocolates, toileteries, books, gum etc) from people back home, and I'd be interested in sending one. Thanks
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