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  1. Hi im live in the s20 area could anyone please pm me telephone numbers of any good clairvoyants ? x
  2. I had a colonoscopy a few years back as i was diagnosed with chrones disease it wasnt a very plesent experience the worse bit i thought was drinking klean prep it was sooooooo vile and made me sick everytime i drank it. I was sedated for mine so i didnt get to see the tv screen thank god lol xxxx
  3. I sit on the south so i can perv at the players warmin up on the side line lol xx
  4. Just cos im out till 5 in the mornin doesnt mean im up to anything im just havin fun with the girls dancing all night. I dont go out to do anything im just havin a laugh with the girls and stayin till the club has closed. I have nothing and nobody to get home to so im just living my life to the max xxx
  5. I was in a releationship for 10 years and have been single for 17 months. I hated it at first but im lovin the single life now. Im out every single wk end with the girls sometimes rollin in at 5 in the mornin. Its nice not having to answear to anyone of where ive been and what ive been doing. When i do have male company round i cant wait for them to go so ive got my house back to myself. Im quiet happy staying single at the moment im having wayyyyy to much fun xx
  6. Ive been suffering from depression for about 6 months now due to my marriage break up and the crap he put me through. I was always the outgoing one who was the life and soul of everything but not anymore im ashamed to say i self harm its not clever to do it but it takes away the pain i am feeling i am also on anti depressants but they make me feel so poorly i just wish there was light at the end of the tunnel. I would love to get back to my old self and get to how i was but at the min i cant see a way out if this xxx
  7. Insecuritys ???? I dont have any im a very confident and outgoing person whos happy with life. Ive always had an interest in tattoos and the designs before i even got any of mine. Every person has a preference of what they like and dont like thats why people are individuals. I got my tattoos for me and they are a part of me xx
  8. Right so let me start i am everything people without tattoos are i dont live on a council estate, I am not violent , I come from a very good family, I have a very good well paid full time job and i dont self harm myself . How can you generalise people like that because you are very much mistaken x
  9. Ive got 7 tattoos and i dont regret any of them im actually wanting more. I hate it how people refer to them as slag tags it actually makes me feel when people see them that i am a slag but im not. How can people judge you because you have a tattoo. My tattoos are a part of me which will be with me till the end and that was my choice. If people dont like them then they dont like them but dont judge people with them till u actually know them. Each to their own i say its your body and your life xx
  10. If you go to the counter without the card you booked your tickets with then they cant give you the tickets even if you have i.d you have got to have the same card you booked your tickets with on you. If the machine wont give them you then the staff wont be able to either xx Hope this helps x
  11. Just to let everyone know tickets for this match go on sale from the 15th of june x
  12. Thanks but its all about the raising money for charity x And wednesday rejects yeah whatever its wednesday greats lol x
  13. Hey guys Big charity Match happening on Sun July 26th at the Sheffield Wednesday ground. Friends of Africa v Sheffield legends featuring the sodje bothers, Lloyd Owusu, Kanu, Cyril Regis, Dwight Yorke, Deon Burton, Viv Anderson, Dalian Atkinson, Brian Robson, Big Ronnie Atkinson plus many more. Ticket prices are £5 for everyone. U can get your tickets at the megastore, online at http://www.swfc.co.uk or phone 0871 900 1867. All money raised will be going to the childrens hospital, Boots for Africa and Sodje sports foundation. So come on down its gonna be a great day and show your support. any questions please pm me. Be there or be square .
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