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  1. another really good website where people post reviews of hotels is http://www.tripadvisor.com we always use this before booking anywhere.
  2. for an excellent indian not in typical surroundings no carpet or horrid wallpaper in sight, would really recommend cafe guru, and only just off west street so handy for the devonshire cat
  3. thanks to all of you for your comments, I'll ring again about booking and double check the situation, we'll give it a go have a good weekend
  4. we have never been to 543 but have walked by a few times and thought it looked good, so thought we may give it a try at the weekend. can anyone tell me what it is like? is it worth going? We have heard that you can't book at the weekend you just turn up, has anyone any experience of this, can they fit you in Thanks
  5. saw it last night, would definitely recommend it. All a bit confusing in the middle but it all makes sense in the end and it very clever
  6. I would definitely recommend martin woodward good luck
  7. try living in apartments all that waste in a concentrated area that could be recycled, they don't seen to be interested
  8. all that has happened is that they have revised timetables effectively making it look like the journey takes longer by adding 5 minutes to the arrival time. Therefore giving themselves more time. Customer service is still quite poor it will take a lot to get that to change
  9. you will be hard pushed to find the "loft style" apartments in rotherham more money has been pumped into Sheffield as it is a lot bigger, if you live in rotherham you will spend a lot of your time coming into Sheffield etc for nights out. Good luck looking for somewhere
  10. so many things to do one of mine would be to try and get a FREE Big Apple Greeter to give you a tour for a bit when you first get there. They are real New Yorkers who give up time to show people the city. They can show and tell you things you certainly wouldn't find in a guide book. Well worth it and the only thing it may cost you is that of a drink to keep their throat wet while they tell you all the top tips! Apart from that must sees are - Rockafellar Centre and Ice Rink if Winter - Guggenheim Museum - Free Ferry round statton island to see statue of liberty - get subway over to brooklyn the views of New York financial district are fantastic, best time is dusk then walk back over bridge as lights are coming on - Empire State Building - Time Square the list goes on, key is comfy shoes you won't stop walking as you will want to see it all!!
  11. Really concerned about what Bloor are doing they seem to be cutting down trees here there and everywhere yet I thought some of them had preservation orders on them. As for the church talk about bulldoze the past and character, its shocking
  12. went on the manchester one a couple of weekends ago and was really good, very well organised too. The Sheffield one really doesn't look as good it seems a bit of a half hearted attempt and can't really see it helping to attract people to the city, unlike the Birmingham and Manchester ones that have had a lot of publicity. Its just so disappointing that Sheffield tend to be behind at things but yet its supposed to be a big city Lets just hope the people of Sheffield enjoy the wheel
  13. guess it depends whether you want to put your degree to use or not but how about citizens advice bureau.
  14. but still as good well worth watching
  15. In terms of qualifications the most well recognised qual is Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development quals there are various ones (they have a website where you can find out more) some Universities offer Human Resource degrees where you can become CIPD qualified at same time, this is the best way to do it. else you are looking at studying for CIPD qual while working and that can take about 3 yrs on average part time. Pay varies widely but be prepared for not a lot unless you have experience its one of those to get in it you need experience but then how do you get it, think its down to sheer persistence. HR as a function isn't all about sorting out probs and recruiting they are two major aspects other ones are learning and development, policy formulation. Good luck
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