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  1. I've checked every theatre from Lincoln to Leeds to the West End and nothing's doing of any interest at all. Unless I want Richard Wilson teaching us how to direct plays in a workshop. FdL not advertising any events.. ---------- Post added 23-01-2013 at 14:22 ---------- My Fair Lady would have been good, but the run ends in a few days and even then is sold out. I just don't know what happened to England When did the only choices become Cinema, Nationally-Touring Comedy Gig or an overnight stay in London for thirty-billionty pounds?
  2. Thanks.. but looking for evening entertainment, not somewhere to stay. Ideally would like to be home for bedtime having had something to eat and done something interesting.
  3. My fiancee's birthday is coming in February and she's not been taken out often in the past. I would like to treat her to a proper evening date; but I can't find anything - short of an overnight stay in London to see a show totalling somewhere past £400 all-told; money we don't have. I can try to stretch the purse a little - but an overnight is too far too much and otherwise options seem limited. Not least 'cos of bloody half-term. I'm not looking for anything extravagant, not even necessarily a musical or theatre thing, just some way we can go out for the evening, have a meal and do something interesting - not just the bloody cinema. Only stipulation is no comedy gigs. Anyone got any thoughts? I'm stumped.
  4. I've been given a 42U Compaq server rack.. but it's too heavy for where I need it to go (domestic first floor). The damn thing weighs 150kg on its own with nothing in it and that's about the limit of the floor already. I only actually need a 24U rack - but all I can find on eBay are merchants doing refurbs that will cost me more than I can sell the one I have for. Any ideas? Anyone just happen to have a 24U they want to swap or sell?
  5. Yes, my office is somewhat cave-like and I don't come out except to buy more coffee!
  6. YOU'RE JOKING?!?! You'd think they'd put a sign up or something!
  7. Does anyone know why Pollards is closed? It's within opening times but the lights are off the doors are shut and the chairs are on the tables. I'm suffering from coffee withdrawal and this crap I've bought from the supermarket tastes like mud!
  8. I've been down to Wavelength Music today on London Road after a recommendation. Having been in and spoken to them, I'm pretty happy that they're good people to buy from. After brief discussion with them I agree £100 isn't going to be do-able but £150 (Fender & Amp) -> £200 (Ibanez & Amp) is a reasonable range for a starter. Also, when you buy a guitar and amp, they provide the rest too (picks, case etc).
  9. I'm buying my fiancee her first electric guitar for Christmas. It's not a surprise, but as it is a present I'm doing all the leg work. Once I've narrowed it down, I'll take her in to make her final choice. I'm wondering if anyone has got any advice as to where to go in Sheffield to have access to a good range of starter guitars with good staff that are interested in giving good advice, not selling whatever they can get away with. Budget is no more than about £150 for guitar and starter-amp. £100 would be nice but not if it's going to make a big difference to quality. All feedback is very welcome.
  10. As the OP, thought I should update you. I have yet to receive the one item that was standard royal mail shipping, dispatched Tuesday. I have another that only dispatched yesterday so again, not expecting this yet. The two big bulk dispatches that went through City Link: Ordered Tuesday afternoon. Dispatched Tuesday evening. Arrived 10am this morning. Happy, happy me.
  11. Looks like Amazon may be coming through for me. My two biggest dispatches are coming tracked via CityLink - so I'm very hopeful. As for the couple that aren't I'm just keeping my fingers crossed.
  12. A week or two? Anything special about these orders?
  13. Thanks, lets the pressure off a little - fingers crossed for minimal extra snow!
  14. It's not all gone - especially around the east of Sheffield but in any case there's a lot of backlog for many people and more snow forecast. One supplier I contacted (non-amazon) says they're now working on 7-business days, which means 23rd December if ordered today(!)
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