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  1. im having to sell my lovely leopard gecko as due to personal reasons im having to downsize my lizards. He is around 10months old, super friendly feeds and sheds very well will come with full set up (tank,heatmat,2hides,and water bowl) Would make a fantastic pet pm me if your interested. £65ono
  2. lizard lounge in hillsborough do boarding
  3. hope youre female staffy is spayed
  4. its more course and will hurt childrens soft skin, plus you dont know what other nasties its got in it.
  5. dont use A1 we did and never again, it was all different sizes some had holes in it and then we noticed mushrooms growing
  6. builders sand is dangerous , only use play sand its clean
  7. Earlier today i drove past hillsborough park and saw a rock climbing wall and other things been set up, dose anyone know whats happening today??
  8. c sections cost the nhs alot of money if you are worried about having a natural birth dont get pregnant go on the pill and use a condom
  9. im looking for 20 8ft decking board at good price do anyone know where i cam get some from pref delivered at a low price??
  10. you could try rain rescue via the link i sent, i would think most rescues will be happy to put them on for you if you can keep her will you. it would help them keep costs down too.
  11. its not a bad thing to spay. if you really need to rehome your dog why not see if you can re home via a rescue keep her with you until a new home is found that way she will be going to a fantastic home which will have had a home check
  12. no not because shes a staffy THIS is why and lots of other rescues are the same.
  13. 3years old is not to young you can have it done from first season (around 6months old)
  14. anyone interested should see this LINK first
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