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  1. Back in the late 60`s you could tell what colour toilet rolls British Tissues were making by the colour of the river downstream from Oughtibridge!!!
  2. Has any thought been given to access to Town Hall/register office? If Pinstone Street is closed how would a Bride in all her fineary get into Town Hall? would they be expected to walk from a distant carpark/drop off point?. If Pinstone Street is closed one would assume Surrey Street will also be closed at side of Town Hall otherwise where will traffic from Surrey Street go? U turn and go wrong way back down a one way street?
  3. Dream team.........Sir Harry of Rednap and Lee Bullen😁
  4. Serious incident in Shiregreen, Sheffield Date published: 24 May 2019 09:24 Dated: 24 May 2019 10:24:05 Police were called at around 7.30am today (24 May) to reports of concerns for safety at a property on Gregg House Road, Shiregreen. Yorkshire Ambulance Service and Yorkshire Air Ambulance have attended and transported six children to hospital. Two people are under arrest. There will be a significant police presence at the scene throughout the day as officers continue enquiries. A cordon is in place and buses are being diverted from the area. This incident is ongoing and further updates will be provided in due course. Above is quoted from SYP website,if you read line 2 it could be interprited as as 6 airlifted to hospital if you like sensational headlines and don`t think about the logistics of airlifting 6 persons to hospital
  5. S Y Police stressing THIS IS NOT A SHOOTING INCIDENT. Investigations are ongoing. Have not seen any news reports yhat 6 children were airlifted to hospital, that would have meant SIX air ambulances needed.
  6. Their website directs you to an insolvencey practice in Manchester so assume they have gone bust/been wound up
  7. It is (or was) based at SYFR station at Dearne Valley as part of technical rescue section.
  8. There is at least 1 concrete road they have resurfaced, Bevan Way @ Burncross/Chapeltown. Looked pretty good last time I drove over it a couple of months ago.
  9. Not Sheffield related I know BUT Parkgate Shopping area gridlocked due to large fire nearby at MFS furniture store. Nothing moving in or out of centre due to road closeure and cars breaking down in queues.
  10. Is this the industrial estate on the left as you leave Maltby just after the old Maltby pit?. Aven Industrial Estate.
  11. When I was taught to drive (man with red flag was walking in front!!!) I was told " if a vehicle comming towards you has indicator on DON`T you move until you see their wheels turning from straight ahead position"
  12. Contact ur local councilor or planning dept. It is usually a planning condition that vehicle wheel washing facilities must be available (and used) at site exit. Report it on "fix my street" as well. It used to be an offence to deposit c**p from building sites onto the highway, if it still is I doubt local plod would be interested in persuing a case against the company. Planning control advice may be able to help give `em a call 0114 203 9183
  13. Royston Glass make glass staircases as well as other glass items http://roystonglass.co.uk/portfolio/#
  14. If he came in from Strines area via High Bradfield you can see ground from some points near Kirk Edge or poss top of Oughtibridge Lane (Jaw Bone Hill) or going reverse way if leaving the ground
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