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  1. ok computer - radiohead I've just been singing along, stuck in the traffic to it, i do a really terrible thom yorke - good job no one could hear me!
  2. I think we should be hanging on to Ade at this stage of the season anyway, regardless of his form, i think he's a better option than Nade at the moment and we all know Kabba needs six chances before he might knock one in.If Hulse stays fit and gets no match bans its fine but if we lose him for a few weeks we'll need Ade. I agree with earlier posts about getting a commanding midfielder, Tugay was fantastic at the blackburn game, never giving the ball away and allways getting a pass off, someone of that caliber would make all the difference.
  3. Blimey nomis i hope you didn't type that lot in!!
  4. When we moved into our current house we had a new electric ring main fitted in the kitchen. Upon taking up the floor boards we found a 1970s honda moped, complete but in several pieces,under the floor. It must have taken a huge effort to get it there [the drop is at least 5 feet].................................why???
  5. That sounds terrible, do you know if they managed to catch who did it?
  6. I drove past the vine at about 6.45am, the grassed area next to it was taped off and a police man was, what looked like, standing guard. Anyone know what happened?
  7. We've tried beer,wev'e tried salt and sand, we've even tried the soluble stuff you water on the plants but the best method we've found,unfortunately is waiting till its wet or damp and picking them up by hand. Its not pleasent but after several days of this we just about got rid of them all!!
  8. My wife and i were charged £5.90 for a pint of carling and a southern comfort and ginger in there a couple of weeks ago, thats a quid more than any where else, i think he's taking the provrbial..........
  9. I went to A/G with Errol Barrows and i assume michael is his big brother.Our geography field trip to Swanage in lower sixth also had Mrs Bowick and Mr Chatterton[always in the bookies!] and also Mr Merrit i seem to remember. What a great week that was............
  10. Only just seen this thread and read it all. RE. The practice room at the bottom of west st. we used to share a room in the top of there with Rough Copy, who i thought were pretty good. A few other dodgy practice rooms i can remember were:- Somewhere near Bramall Lane, a rabbit warren owned by the guy who bought the Arc Roral for scrap, i think we shared with the warning. Scam - this was near where the new court house at west bar is , it was full of rats. Back of the Wicker, where Broad st carpark is, Willey st or something used to share with a few bands but can only remember Cosa Nostra because the entire walls werw covered in there posters.
  11. I've just been told a tattoo shop is opening, or maybe allready has opened, in Broomhill, somewhere near The York.Does anyone know anything about them?
  12. Ive used hillsborough fencing a few times and allways found them pretty good.
  13. Yeah disco Stu is my favourite, esp his stack heels with fish in them, even though there dead!
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