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  1. Cargo have only gone and booked DJ Sneak & Kerri Chandler!!! http://www.cargo-sheffield.com
  2. Quint

    Got my Sky TV for Half Price

    Its definitely 12 months and its still on!
  3. New Channels tweeted this today: **TODAY ONLY** HALF PRICE SKY TV for 6 months. PLUS HALF PRICE LINE line rental of 12 months. PLUS FREE box & Install. Call 01909 562266
  4. Quint

    What's the cheapest way to get Sky?

    New Channels have just tweeted this: **TODAY ONLY** HALF PRICE SKY TV for 6 months. PLUS HALF PRICE LINE line rental of 12 months. PLUS FREE box & Install. Call 01909 562266
  5. So why on earth would Coppen not tell me this from the start? Surely my first port of call as where to extend or buy the lease would be the people who i pay my ground rent to? My experience with Coppen has been one of total disappointment and frustration and hope no else has to endure the same issues i have had with them. You only need to do a bit of internet research to see im not the only person who has had a bad experience with them!
  6. Yes the ground rent is upto date and the solicitors have a copy of the statement. They just require confirmation from them along with a couple of questions/cost on transfer of the deeds etc. Frustrating!
  7. OK. My first buyer required a quote from Coppen Estates. They simply wanted to know how much it would be to buy the lease or extend it. 6 months later after several calls, letters and letters of complaint im still waiting! So of course my grumble is well founded! I lost a sale on my house because of them! If it takes over 6 months to produce a piece of paper stating information which they should have to hand then appologise for the rant! I am now waiting for Coppen to simply complete a form from the solicitors advising how much the ground rent is and that it it all upto date before the sale can proceed. Again still waiting on this which was sent before Christmas! And again in January!! Am i wrong to be upset by this?
  8. COPPEN ESTATES ARE THE WORST COMPANY I HAVE EVER DEALT WITH!! My house has been up for sale for 5 years and finally i found a buyer - until we need info from Coppen Estates, after waiting and chasing them for 4 months the buyer got sick of it and pulled out and i lost the sale due to their incompetence!! I have found another buyer and we were due to complete this week but yet again we are waiting on Coppen Estates with the last bit of information we require! Its an absolute joke!! We have had to send the paperwork to them 3 times now and still no reply, when we finally get through to them they have no idea!! If anyone can give point me in the right direction of some legal advice against them it would be very much appreciated!! Im at my wits end!! All i want to do is get rid of my house and these jokers are making it impossible!!! ---------- Post added 05-02-2013 at 11:51 ---------- I beg to differ!!
  9. Try New Channels. 01909 562 266 or http://www.newchannels.tv
  10. Hi Guys im looking to have some folders printed up that can hold some product sheets and have slots for a business card. Can anyone recommended anyone local? Best quote iv had so far is almost £700 on 1000 units on 350 gsm card
  11. Quint

    F1 2012 Season Megathread

    Win 2 tickets to the British Grand Pix - Simply 'like' the New Channels page here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/New-Channels-Ltd/221276254603267
  12. Quint

    Is there ever anything good on tv?

    If you are wanting Sky TV, New Channels are offering a FREE BOX, FREE INSTALL, FREE HD for 3 months & 6 months half price basic subscription!! Now that's a deal! Call 01909 562266 Or apply online http://newchannels.tv/index.php?option=com_mad4joomla&jid=2&Itemid=139

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