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  1. Pleased to see the title has been corrected - thanks mods !
  2. Thats good - got astuck in the tail back but have only just got round to posting - hope everyone was ok.
  3. Anyone heading off home in this direction - there has been an accident and the road is blocked - best to avoid this area if you can.
  4. Can we get back to the thread title - Community Trust issues please?
  5. I think this particular event was highlighted because it has been organised by Jane Tomlinson.
  6. Spoken by someone who hasn't got a clue what someone who is dying of liver failure goes through. I won't go into detail because this is a family forum but it isn't pleasant for the sufferer or their loved ones watching. I think you need do do some serious growing up and stop the trolling.
  7. I think that it's a sign of insecurity and a lack of certainty about who they are - immaturity too.
  8. What are the owners of these nice cars all doing in that area on those particular evenings ? Consultants from Thornbury's evening out ?
  9. The thing is that, not only has he taken the lives of two young people, he has destroyed the lives of their parents, siblings, grand parents, friends, and has also has had an effect on every decent human being on this planet. Starvation , although an unpleasant death, is far too good for him.
  10. Times have changed Pattricia - the workload has doubled -and I speak as someone who has been in the job for 30 years. the ' good old days' where not so good as you remember them. A touch of the rose tinted spectacles, I think. I can remember the ' good old days ' - cockroaches, crickets, mice , cats and pigeons were regular visitors on the wards.
  11. And my Mum took MRSA INTO hospital despite having not been in hospital before ! Such sweeping comments inferring that everyone infected with MRSA caught the infection whilst in hospital is alarmist and incorrect.
  12. May I respectfully request that the moderator change the title of this thread to ' Sheffield Community Health shamed on hygiene ' since the report in question refers to the Primary Care Trust and is nothing to do with Sheffield Hospitals. Thank you.
  13. It's very likely that the lump you have got at the wound site is healing tissue, but it's always best the get such things checked out. It will put your mind at rest .
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