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  1. Brook Hill, especially when approaching from Bolsover St. Traffic blocks the exit frequently, nicely timed to coincide with the break in traffic from Brook Hill, meaning it can take a long time to have any chance of entering the roundabout
  2. I usually look at the address to decide who to vote for. In a local election I want to be represented by someone who lives in my area, not on the other side of the city.
  3. There is no point in gritting the roads overnight if there is a lot of snow forecast. The grit only works if it is constantly being driven over to mix it in with the snow. It has no effect if it is buried underneath. That would just be a massive waste of council tax payers money.
  4. Is a vote on here how people get allocated golden stars? Or is this a bit like the petition on Facebook to get him a MBE, where it doesn’t appear that anyone has actually gone through the open process of nominating him! I think the work he does raising money is great, but if we want him to have recognition let’s do it through the proper channels so he actually stands a chance.
  5. Not sure the issue is cars wanting to go up the hill. The queue is usually caused by cars trying to turn right off Ripley St onto Walkley Lane having gone up that way to avoid the tram gate. This is compounded by the buses.
  6. Another vote for Source Soubds https://www.sourcesounds.com
  7. They had a sign up a few weeks ago suggesting that they were relocating and the new address would be on their website. Grill on the Hill was one of the old places there (if that's the sign being referred to)
  8. More than likely it's due to safety issues. I remember a mate telling me about when he used to deliver to the old Kelvin Flats.....every time his vehicle would get broken into, as they knew he'd be gone at least 10 mins.
  9. They annoy me as I want to use the left lane and they block it for ages trying to cut into the traffic.
  10. Sheffield is more compact (i.e. most residential parts are closer to the city centre) than Liverpool due to the Mersey restricting growth in one direction. The thing I miss most since I moved to Sheffield is the coast.
  11. But they won't necessarily know what the school is doing. There is such a thing as confidentiality.
  12. I find it hard to believe that the school aren't doing anything, if the assault was how you said. You may not however be party to the actions being taken.
  13. Like anywhere, you have to be sensible in terms of safety, but Sheffield is considered to be one of the safest cities in England. The uni have a large site at Endcliffe where there is lots of accommodation in one of the nicest parts of the city.
  14. I would prefer they block Newent Lane and some parking spaces than block Crookes like some other delivery trucks do
  15. They are - but to get to work on public transport takes me over an hour (if I don't have to wait too long each time I change buses) whereas I can drive it in 15 mins. Buses in Sheffield seem to be routed on the most congested roads in the city
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