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  1. Wisewood School and Community School run salsacise classes. 2335457
  2. Hello Its still running and you dont need to be shy, its really good fun!!
  3. Do you think you have improved from the first week though?!
  4. There is a class on a Tuesday at Hype in city centre: 4:45 - 5.45 Teen Street Open Class £3.80 http://www.hypedance.org.uk/ Sounds like fun! xx
  5. Hello Everyone, just wondering how people are getting on?! Are we all dancing queens yet?!! Aimee x
  6. Hopefully a new fitball class will be starting in the new year. Aimee
  7. The fitness suite at Wisewood School and Community Sports College is a local facillity aimed at getting the people of Wisewood and the surrounding areas more active. Members will have an indivdualised programme designed for them and the friendly, fully qualified staff can help you to achieve all your fitness goals. An induction must be booked for your first visit. Opening Times Open Monday to Friday 6 pm - 9 pm Saturday and Sunday 9 am - 1 pm Prices Adult £3 per visit Junior (16 - 18 years) £2 Monthly membership available please ask for more details. For any more information or to find out more about what we do, please contact Aimee Pearce (Physical Activity Development Officer) on 0114 233 5457 or email apearce.sportscollege@virgin.net
  8. Wanting to learn some new dance moves that you see in music videos? Why not come and have a go at Adult Street Dance. Thursdays from 21st September Hillsborough Sports Arena 6pm — 7pm £3 For more info contact Aimee 0114 233 5310 http://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/showthread.php?t=145137
  9. Yoga at Hillsborough Sports Arena Returns!! Starting on Tuesday 28th November, 10 am till 11.15 am All ages and abilities Yoga is a gentle form of exercise which involves the control of body and mind through posture and breathing techniques Benefits of yoga include increased flexibility, toning and relaxation Why not come down and give it a go, £3 a session For more info please contact Aimee on 0114 233 5310
  10. Not that i know of, i will try and get ours back up and running asap for u tho!! xx
  11. You dont need to book, just turn up on Thursday @ 6pm with your dancing shoes on!!!
  12. Im sure if you came along Caroline would be willing to show you how to do it!!!
  13. Hi Chloe We did have one on a Tue and are looking to restart it asap. Will let u no as soon as we do. in the mean time there is a class running on a wednesday night at Wisewood School. 8-11 years - 6 till 7 12 - 15 years - 7 till 8 15 plus - 8 till 9 Ring and check that they are still running Hope this helps Aimee xx
  14. Line Dancing at Hillsborough Sports Arena Come and have a go at this 4 week beginners course starting on Tuesday 14th November 8pm till 10pm £3 More info please ring 0114 233 5310
  15. Hello, yes there is one on this week. I think for the time being it will be kept as a women only class but if any men want a session putting on i may be able to arrange something!!! Aimee x
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