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  1. heres a lik to the face book page https://www.facebook.com/events/1022098227938246/
  2. Environmental Health discourage commercial waste companies from making noisy collections in residential areas before 7.30am or after 10pm Monday to Saturday or before 9am or after 9pm on Sundays and Bank holidays.
  3. Hi I Work at the British Heart Foundation in the city centre and we are also wanting volunteers . we do reimburse bus fares if you do a certain amount of hours in the day we provide coffee and tea you can volunteer with us from 16 just need parental consent for anyone under 18 So if your interested give us a call ask for Sue or Carol on 0114 2753301
  4. one belonging to the British Heart Foundation was stolen yesterday from Beres
  5. Our van driver like many others are self employed and have there own van hence the Magnets Also if you read some [not all] of the bags they will say a percentage of the money will go to the charity these bags are posted and collected by the same drivers
  6. I work for the British Heart Foundation and the charity bags we post out all come into the shop and the money we get from all goes to the charity we get customers ringing to say that the bags have been stolen our banks get broken in too this is all cost to the charity the bags are posted around 3 days before the collection so if you get a bag through your door on a monday saying thursday it wil be the same week. We also offer a free collection service where you can call and arrange a collection this will guarantee the items will come into store as we have volunteer drivers that come and collec 5 days a week so if you have anything you would like to donate to us give us a call on Sheffield 0114 2753301 and we will arrange to come and collect it Many thank
  7. This is definatley theft and should be reported to the police also ring the charity shop that the bags belonged too
  8. Some comments on here are disgusting RIP young man
  9. As i work for a charity shop I'm not mentioning no name at the minute but just interested in other peoples thoughts
  10. As the title ask whats your favourite and why
  11. o paying £2 per day to park is a problem for people who, according to the RAC Foundation, spend £3.5k per annum on vehicle running costs? Where does it cost £2 per day to park in sheffield
  12. ring British Heart Foundation 0114 2753301 and arrange a collection
  13. get a picture up of the jumper/hoody someone got to recognise it and maybe realise its missing only one name for them but cant put it on here starts with B ends in S fill in the gaps how you like
  14. I work for the British Heart Foundation and we do get fur coats in regular we take them to the local auction the any money they make goes straight to the charity
  15. I have just seen this and i'm disgusted I for one have a disabled pass and WORK I have to be at work for 9.00am I don't get any extra benefit so now I'm going to be worse off each month
  16. Ar we not allowed to Be English anymore Traditional English Brekkie Sausage [usually pork] Bacon, Egg, Black Pudding [pig blood & fat]
  17. British Heart Foundation 0114 2753301 Pinstone Street Sheffield we will collect too
  18. hope you find her soon i have tiels and would be devastated if any got out :-(
  19. British Heart Foundation we collect 0114 2753301
  20. there isn't a british heart foundation shop at gleadless town centre or crystal peaks are the only 2 in Sheffield
  21. I work for a charity shop British heart foundation and dont think that our dvds are too badly priced plus its all going to a good cause. Also peggy1981 if you want to get rid of your dvds music extra give the shop a ring and we will arrange to come and collect 2753301
  22. we use to have to WALK to school and back never remember the school closing and i'm talking snow much deeper than this
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