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  1. Hi Manormaid...I was there 61-67, stayed on into secretarial 6th with Mr Shaw and "daddy Stan". I remember all the things you listed and still cry at "the day thou gavest". Started life there with Mrs Borman. I too had to catch the bus at Pond St so we were probably on the same bus :-)
  2. Hi Johnfromoz, I never lived on cammel road, they were already living on Granby Rd when i was born but I did used to go to Hucklow road, would have been about 1954-61, my sister is 5yrs older than me and she went to Hucklow Rd followed by Hindehouse. Think i started off in Miss Toes class.
  3. My mum, dad and brother lived on Cammel Road during the war when it was bombed and then moved up the bank to Granby Road. I grew up there from 1949 to 1970. It was always a "bit draughty" up there but we had views over Sheffield towards Firvale Infirmary at the front of the house and Wincobank from the back. I've always had to live somewhere with a bit of space around me....couldn't live in a built up area after growing up at the top of that hill!!
  4. Hiya, I started at King Ecgberts in 1961, think it was Mrs Bormans class? It was 1o anyway. AND I had big maroon knickers with pockets in them!!! Went on into secretarial 6th with Mr Shaw and Daddy Stan and as for Captain Hornblower...that really turned the waterworks on! Still cant listen to "The day thou gavest Lord" without shedding a tear.
  5. Thanks hillsbro, dont need the addresses it was just a trip down memory lane whilst listening to the radio and wondered if anyone on here actually knew them.
  6. Just listening to the radio took me right back to being 17 again!! I did all the typing for an office full of guys. Peter Charbonneau used to sing to me (which is why the radio just took me back), cant remember the names of the other guys but also had a friend by the name of John Hadwick who worked in another dept who I also knew from various partys I went to in my school days. Anyone know what happened to them or anyone else from that office?
  7. Didnt go to Firshill school but used to go to the riding stables at the back of the school. Thats a very very long time ago, think it used to cost me a penny or even a halfpenny on the bus from near Firth Park library. I used to ride for half an hour, it was 3 shillings for half and hour 6 shillings and hour, my how times have changed!!!
  8. It was Lynn Shephard, married Malcolm Stringer, my sister used to go to school with her and when I was very little my sister and I went to tap dancing class run by a lady known as Aunt Sally, think it was Sally Carmichael, somewhere at Firth Park or Sheffield Lane Top, remember getting batter bits from the chippy at Firth Park on the way home, and Lynn was also one of the pupils there.
  9. It was spelt Bitter Suite. Still got a promo black and white pic of them which I dug out a few years ago to show someone.
  10. I worked in the Blades shop\development office 67\68 and remember a slightly different team to the above which included Dave Munks, Mick Hill, Willie Carlin and Bernard Shaw and they were still in the 1st division then. Would love to meet up with TC and Paddy again after all these years.
  11. My one dangerous incident memory of childhood was when walking along the road from the park to home, about 150yds and not on a road that leads anywhere, a man and a woman in a white car pulled up and the woman asked me if I wanted a sweet!!!!!! I ran as fast as my little legs could take me, this would have been in the 50's.
  12. Just wondering, is the actual hill still there? Or is it now a housing estate? I lived at Firth Park, basically at the top of a hill and our house used to look out over the gardens to Wincobank and dad used to take me walking over there. Also there was talk of the ghosts of miners seen walking across the hill.
  13. I was there 1961-1967, this thread has brought back loads of memories. Maggiebell...this history teacher I think you mean was Miss Crowther, now dont ask me how on earth I remembered that cos half the time I cant remember what I did yesterday...classic sign of alzheimers I think!! Anyway I started off in 1o and finished off in secretarial 6th with Mr Shaw.
  14. PROPER FISHCAKES!!, proper friendly and full pubs and the general friendliness of Sheffield folk. My one consolation is holidaying in a special place in Cornwall that seems to be home from home for yorkshire folk, hence I speak to more people in a day down there than I do in a month back home in Worcs.
  15. Reading these posts has been an absolute joy, especially looking at the photos. I'm originally from Firth Park and remember Whitsuntide so well. It was the only time we got completely kitted out in new clothes, the rest of the year mom would make something from larger handmedowns or get the knitting needles out. We were always so proud of our new clothes, even little white lacey gloves, loved the marches and the games afterwards, am I right in thinking the Star walk was the day after whit sunday?
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