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  1. You need to start by putting another blonde dye on but do not start at the roots because it takes there first hence the blonde roots and orange hair. It wont do any harm but make sure u dont leave it too long. It cann get like cotton wool when wet. bleaching is not good idea unless u know what u doing. get someone else to help put i on starting at the bottom and then higher up after few minutes. do not comb it through while the bleach is on it will ruin all your hair. hope u have good luck. cant imagine the horro having to go away with the prblem u have just now. just try it. it can only get better. if not as someone else said go back brown. best way. it will get lighter in the sun anyway.
  2. just wondered? what u think of it if you have /did/do work there
  3. how about big lunch box on the door your luch box is open for business (nudge nudge)
  4. crumbs cos when they eat thats all thats left. and you wont want anything but crumbs after a days selling.
  5. Hi, how do you do that with the word this underlined to click onto. Its a great way of showing pics. clever even.
  6. I was very sad to here about a lady i know who uses an electric wheelchair. She was on her way to enjoy herself at her regular night out on sunday last weekend when she had her purse stolen from her. The best bit is it was someone she knows. there were two young people supposedly friends with her walking along and they started messing about with her wheelchair. next thing they stole her purse. she had to spend over an hour with the police doing her statement. It is so sad when this happens to people but to do this to someone who cant even defend them selves is very sickening. The offenders will no doubt get off lightly. what is the world coming to. This happened on sheffield lane top opposite netto. so beware. Its not just the area its the people in it I blame. Have they no shame. i only hope they can sleep at night. I had a collection in the pub for her later and managed to raise her a good amount of cash. she has a lot of friends who are genuine and she even got to stay overnight with a couple from the pub she goes in every weekend. Its the only life she has. Hope she gets more enjoyment and they get the muggers locked up.
  7. I believe in psychic as I have had some experiences myself. I often tell people things that are right. I met some people oh holiday this year and had some things to tell them. They were amased how I seemed to know certain things as I had never met them before. I started just about 20months since with tarot cards as I felt it was the right time for me. I have since been telling people stuff and dont use the cards. I dont know how I get the information I just get things in my head to tel people. It does not work with everyone I meet just certain ones. I have been right so many times it semms it cannot be coincidences. Please note I have never charged anyone for any information I have told them and not set up in business with it. P.S. don't mock me if you don't believe as there are lot of sceptics out there.We are all entitled to voice our opinion I know, but if its what we do believe in don't spoil it for us. Please don't use verbal abuse. As some people do.
  8. I totally agree with you. There are some people out there who dont have beliefs because of not having had any experiences. once they do(if ever) they will be in a different frame of mind. good on ya.
  10. I think a swapping things you no longer want is a good idea. There are loads of people that stash things in there lofts or garages, cupboards etc. They are maybe useful to somebody else. Car boots are good for selling on but not everyone has time to do them. What do you think anyone ?
  11. hi. just seen that u are looking for an exchange. My daughter has a three bedroom house at parson cross and it is due to be renovated very soon. They are having brand new kitchens and all the front of the house done plus the drive way. They have a large garden and driveway with room for more than one car.
  12. er i dont think so andy jay not really good. anyone know sue and paul. they do one opposite arena, karaoke is not as it used to be, they are all trying to do it now. even got some nesbits at it apparently i heard. and they go to karaokes where people been doing em for yrs and try under cut the prices. then do after bird hours. not r8 some peoples bread n butter. stick to what u know and let the pro's get on with it.
  13. It Takes Two. somethiing stupid Tonight I celebrate, Baby its cold outside. Ballad of tom jones A little time. plenty to choose from. go for it.
  15. i would like your help please I done the clik on cp. i chose my pic it wont upload to here dearsue. please help
  16. I don't now why and what made me do this today. I had a call from someone saying they wanted my payment for my account as it was late for my credit card. They kept giving me the correct bank address but the wrong postcode. Now anyone who is unaware of the calls or scams like this would have given the payments over the phone. I just felt it seemed strange that they had never phoned me to pay them before. I said as you are asking me to confirm who I am, will you please confirm who you are then. I asked where she was based she said bangalor, india. I was very curious. I don't know what made me ask. I said I don't bank there sorry. I had not heard about there scams. Until today. I have just read it now. I am so shocked how they can just do it so easy over the phone. It makes me angry when they keep saying "but Madame I can asure you". I said I can asure you are not getting my money. I won't be paying over the phone no more. just in my bank. Cheeky gits they are. Why cant they work like we have to. honest work do em good. No wonder they taking over. gitz
  17. i work near there and we often get the smell in our ladies loos. its not pleasant. We always semm to get stuck on red at them traffic lights near the bridge that goes towards petre street, its terrible. you cant breath. I have seen rats run across the roads there too.
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