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  1. Wheres the ace center would love to come to have atry at the quilting. Im learning off you tube mainly
  2. Hi Natasha. i'm also in killamarsh. I love sewing, card making and other crafts. Would love a get together sometime. Thing is people dont seem too bothered when Ive asked before. Willing to craft at mine if anyone interested. maybe try and get a group going.
  3. I may join depending when and where plus costs.
  4. Put wood int oil. Meant shut the door. Has tha put sneck on. That was lock on door. Shurrup roooowerin or thal get summat to cry for. Mum used to say cry thal **** less. Lol she was proper yorkshire. Hence where I get it from suppose. My nan was one of the best. If she heard owt made up she would say, its a load o piffle.
  5. Id love an old singer machine. Skint so no can buy. They were great when was young. Our auntie had a treadmill one built into table it was fun. Hope u managed to find home for it
  6. Hi I have so far had two injections for the same problem as yours. Also physio. No help at all. I have read online about the problem, seems the next step is surgery.
  7. U can bid on propertys now if u on list 7 years should give u a good place. Also u can go to citizens advice. I need get advice because if they dont do repairs u can get compensation. Take them to small claims court. Do u have a contract signed ? Go and get advice. I am certain you will get help. Sort the landlord out. Do u get the gas and electrics checked, I'm guessing not. If they dont do repairs and your children are suffering for it then its a health and safety matter. Ask about environmental health issues. I would love to see the outcome of this problem.
  8. Some years back at meadowhall car park an old couple had gotten into there car. I was waiting for a space and indicating to go in once they had moved out. After waiting a few minutes the woman looked at me and my sister sat waiting. She opened her window and shouted " youre not coming in " so Me and my sister started giggling as I pulled up behind the womans car and I said ok well your not coming out. It was so funny as we sat laughing and the couple were shouting.
  9. My cats have bells on there collar but managed to bring me a pidgeon. It wasnt fully grown and I kept the bird in the conservatory until it settled down. My cats dont seem to kill but play with things they catch. My husband later took the bird down to the play area just down the road and let the bird fly away.. Hope it got back to where it wanted to be.
  10. Doesnt really matter where they put sweets. So many people i have seen leaving toilets without washing there hands. Lots of em are the ones who just go to the mirror after using the toilet and then start doing there make up. They then leave with dirty hands So even tho they might look a bit posh they are dirty so an so's. But also as the original poster said peados wasnt even mentioned. Sweets are put in the most noticable places to tempt kids. People who dont wash there hands should be ashamed as they are the ones spreading germs. I wouldnt buy the sweets outside toilets. Must be the dirtiest sweet machines in meadowhall i guess.
  11. Thanks will pop over when get chance
  12. How much do you charge to replace the battery. And also where abouts are u based. Sue ---------- Post added 04-07-2013 at 19:06 ---------- Thanks for all the helpful messages
  13. I put my pc on today and its date and time had changed to 2006. This has been happening on my laptop for two yrs and i find it a nuisance to keep putting the time and date right everytime i turn on. What is the cause of it and what can be done. Its really getting on my nerves. They both run on windows vista.
  14. We have had a tabby cat coming for the past few days. I gave it food a couple of times but it doesnt look thin, so looked after. Think its coming to mine becaus ei have two cats. Good job had em spayed recently. Just hope someone out there knows who it belongs to andnit goes home. Are you the owner ? I dont know the sex of it and cant get close enough to see. We are in waterthorpe, behind crystal peaks area.
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