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  1. Marsh Lane is on tomorrow according to their facebook page
  2. Try Hukins - 25 Thirlwell Rd, Sheffield S8 9TE 0114 255 1397
  3. Does anyone have any advice on a decent 'cheap' place to park with close(ish) access to the new markets?
  4. Hi I have managed to get sorted pheeeew. Went to Birley and they tested the Power Head there. It was totally dead. He did not have one in stock but he called someone he knew in Rotherham. Picked up and tank back up and running. I have a community tank with various Tropical fish...the ususal Mollies, Tetra, Catfish etc...but I currently have 19 week old fry in a little breeding tank too. So glad its sorted. Stepdad told me that the PowerHead was about 10 years old so suppose it had a good running. Once again thanks for your help. Where is Westfield are you?
  5. Thanks. Im going to get ready and pop up to Birley with it im only at Westfield too!. Just tried it again and there is nothing. Maybe have to just buy an internal filter to put me on until I can get a replacement for this one. I have seen them online so will have to order and wait for delivery if Birley dont have one in stock. Just scared the fish will die lol. Thanks for all your advice.
  6. Hi Jace , thanks for your reply. I have recently aquired the tank from my stepdad. Everything was working fine until I noticed yesterday that the filter trickle system was not working. I tried the obvious like changing the fuse and still nothing. Took the filter tray etc out and dismantled the power head as shown in the instructions to check that it was not clogged up..still nothing. Should you plug them in only under water to check that it works or should you feel the motor running as soon as you plug it in? thanks
  7. Hi there does anyone know of any aquarium shops or garden centres that will stock replacement power heads for an aqua one fish tank? Must be in Sheffield. Mine has stopped working so I need one pretty quick. The tank is an 850/980 model if anyone can help would be appreciated Thanks in advance
  8. Well I like all sorts of Reggae and the Tap plays allsorts wide age range in there too!
  9. Tap and Barrel ladys bridge every Sat...Barrys Bar London Rd every Sat both brill nights
  10. Tap and Barrel reggae night every Sat night - till 4am this week 22/12....or Barrys Bar London Rd every Saturday till 4am!! Love both places...not everyones scene but brill tunes!!
  11. Hi All, Can anyone help pleeease? Are there any other buses other than the TM Travel shuttle 294 bus which is very infrequent that will get me from Sheffield(Crystal Peaks or Town Centre) to Gunstones in Dronfield?? Does the service 253 drop me anywhere near Gunstones and if not how far is it to walk from the bus stop??? Thanks in advance :-)
  12. Twin Oaks Cancelled this week there is a notice in the Sheffield Star
  13. If it rains during the night I would call the number for Marsh Lane as they usually call it off...you would probably be better at Oldcoates that one seems to go ahead no matter what the weather is like....and it dosent look too good for tomorrow :-(
  14. The boogie bus we had was FAB!!! Went down really well with all involved!!! Recommended and was only £20.00 per head!!! x
  15. Last years was BRILLIANT!! Are 'The South' not appearing this year though?
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