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  1. I recommend hairflair aswell an they have great offers on at the moment for new clients they are a lovely bunch of ladies an my daughter works there
  2. When i go to sign on they dont ask me the questions they just look to see if iv filled out the booklet each time an im english an dont need interpreter
  3. Yes it does iv said loads off times that it should be turned into a cafe because there is no where while the children play no toilets nothing so yes i think
  4. Have you tried hair flair on penistone rd they are really good they are near sheffield wednesday ground
  5. Its already lost alot of people due to the number of pc warriors who like to jump on people for pathetic things. I dont bother much now because its gone down hill an cant be doing with trolls who need to get a life .
  6. I got teddy bear and a necklace chocs and an evening with wine chocs an cuddles
  7. Just read about her so sad my heart goes out to them both R.I.P little one cant im agine what its like to go through
  8. RIP Sally such a sad story was really hoping she would turn up safe
  9. Iv been kicked out of the mens toilets in a club when the queue for ladies was massive im sorry i just couldnt hold it any longer:hihi:
  10. Me an my daughter are going an we have tickets from the sexy guy himself so we dont even know where we are sat i cant wait
  11. Nothin will ever change with the police it's one rule for the rich & famous & one rule for the ordinary working class citizens absolute joke.
  12. Hairdressers normaly take on saturday girls an boys my daughter works in a hairdressers an she is 15 she loves it
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