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  1. You dont need a garage to be 'Classic Friendly' as your car is exempt from MOT, you just need a trustworthy one. I had some work done on my TVR by Malin Motors just off Claywheels Lane and they were excellent. http://www.malinmotorbodiessheffield.co.uk/
  2. What car is it and where are you - if you are local, I dont mind trying to lend a hand? I presume you've started it and gently tried to pull away with no joy, have you tried anything else? Do you think its all the brakes? Cheers, Andrew
  3. Try Dave at Norton Hammer Motor Services. He rebuilt the gearbox on my Esprit so its right up his street. Tel 263 1772. His premises were at Banner Cross but he was in the process of re-locating to Dronfield.
  4. Get yourself to an Aldi asap. They are selling their battery conditioners at the moment and for £12.99 they are an absolute steal, I've been using them for years. Once you connect it, it will tell you how much charge is in the battery.
  5. Hi, There is no mention of cars on the event website? http://littlewolfevents.co.uk/event/galloping-horses-re-enactment-show/
  6. Neil Grayson 2 Ulverston Rd, Sheffield S8 0NY Phone: 0114 258 9225 Look no further!
  7. I've stored a couple of mine at Spurr Motors Loxley http://www.americancarsuk.com/car_storage.html. Mal is a top bloke and its worth a trip over just to look round the cars there.
  8. http://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/showthread.php?t=1489234
  9. Was a great show and thanks for organising. Brilliant that the organisers let you come and go as you pleased.
  10. Suggest contacting them & asking for a local supplier. Pretty sure evilBay will be cheaper though. http://www.bilthamber.com/contact-us Regards
  11. Spurr Motors at Loxley have a 'museum' of Yanks and the owner Mal is a top bloke. Try them. http://www.americancarsuk.com/
  12. Whats the nature of the damage - have you come across a product called Q-Bond? You use it like Superglue but its far more effective and for extra re-inforcement you can overload the repair with glue & sprinkle either grey or black power onto the excess fluid & it sets like rock & you can file off any visible excess. I used it to repair a side skirt on my MR2 & it made a great job. They have a sample of a repair on the counter at SRS on Penistone Rd. I'll happily tackle it for you if you live anywhere near Ecclesall.
  13. Lovely looking car mate and good luck finding one in our great city. Can I suggest a holiday in Cuba - I'm sure I had a Taxi ride back to our Havana hotel in one!
  14. Where abouts are you Graham? There was a bloke rumbling out of his garage in Bents Green a few weeks ago as I cycled past. If its not too far for you to travel, I'll find out what Mk it is for you. Sorry dont know enough about them to remember the details
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