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  1. Scargill was worth a 100 Margaret Thatchers. She lied about the level of pit closures, that Scargill had said she wanted to close. She was one big bully. You only have to also look at the Hillsborough enquiry where cops were told to change evidence to show what an immoral person she was. Thank heavens she is dead, Englands a better place without her in it
  2. well gavin from autoglass came to put his special resin in to my mother in laws crack and she doesnt even have a car
  3. Something is seriously wrong here. The last time I looked I was living in england and it is country with Christian beliefs. If this upsets you, please feel free to go to another country that adheres to your wants and needs. Its the minority that are trying to influence the majority at the moment. We shouldnt have to adjust our lives to the needs of the minority, it should be the other way round.
  4. Now playing at Celtic. Just looking on Sky Sports and he has been charged by the rozzers for assaultining and Elvis impersonator last year. I wonder if the bloke was left "all shook up":hihi:
  5. It wasnt a hard headbutt no, but if it had been a foreign player, he would have gone down like he had been shot, so far play to the hull guy for staying on his feet. Think Pardew will get about 10 games because of his previous issues
  6. dont know what both those are like but a word of advice, avoid Dixons. Most team leaders are bumholes. I really feel sorry for the better ones who do help you and deserve a better place to work
  7. They could have sacked him. If Madine is in the nick he is unable to do the job he is paid to do, so making himself unavailable for work. Any person in any other job could expect to be sacked for this
  8. I have heard Thornbridge are bring out another Sheffield Wednesday beer. Tastes very bitter and bottled it last night:hihi:
  9. Hazard for me. Bale is too injury prone
  10. Oh the CPS Criminals Protection Service yeah, i know what you mean
  11. play acting happens nearly every game in the premiership and i disagree with it. it only seems to happen in the premiership for me. in all the games i see the football league games seem devoid of these things. the thing is the f.a had already ruled on this and saw to uphold the refs decision. west sham should not be allowed to appeal this. Carroll made contact with the swansea player no matter how hard it was, you could see on his face he had intended to catch him.
  12. Rather get rid of Cook, his captaincy is poor and his batting against Australia left a lot to be desired.
  13. Sheffield is great at things like this isnt it, NOT. You only have to look at the mess they made of Chesterfield Rd the Woodeats part of it. Town planners are useless. They couldnt plan a tupperware party
  14. agree with you there. we also give cash to india who have got there own space programme, showing where their priorities lie isnt it
  15. kun hay fa choy ,as they say in china
  16. last match tomorrow isnt it. i hope they drop dernbach because he has been useless as a bowler in the 20/20. bowled like a pub player
  17. someone just posted it on here, Nicola Rees:thumbsup:
  18. I like that blond lass who has left about 6 weeks ago as she was pregnant. I forget her name though
  19. my uncle was in a band called the four dons, finished in 1965 when he emigrated to australia
  20. wouldnt mind meeting up with him too. I used to know him at heeley, he has a daughter called rebecca
  21. So why arent schools prosecuted when taking training days in term time. It should work both ways
  22. I have broke my leg playing football and also had hand injury when some studs went through the skin on top. I was a goalie
  23. I think the only people feeling sorry for manure are their fans, I certainly am not. Nice to see refs having the bottle to give important decisions against them now
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