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  1. well...i'm leaving the forum. but i just wanted to say everythings going ok and we have raised £100 so far from various things. i'm sorry i can't stay longer to tell you how it goes, but due to personal reasons i'm leaving. thanks for the support guys! hoping to raise another few hundred
  2. thanks guys i think i was a bit premature in my judgement medusa...i was just so worried because i don't ever want my lula(the girl cat) to be upset because shes always loving. what we've done is made sure that the kitten can't get upstairs and then made sure the other cats can. lula get loads and loads of attention and she has begun to start purring and dribbling again which is good and she still goes out but somes straight back in...so i think i was just panicking :S kittens lovely though, it is ashame she came under such stressful circumstances though but shes in a safe place now thanks everyone!
  3. we're carbooting there should be good come along!
  4. ok...well due to unseen circumstances with thanks to a horrible person, we have now been given the kitten that my friends was supposed to have... the only problem we have though is that we have a 2 year old ish female and an 8 year old male...the males fine with her but the females horrible, makes a horrible noise everytime they see each other...so at the moment we are keeping them seperate but we are really worried that things aren't going to go well and she will have to go else where... what do we do as we weren't expecting this and we don't know how long it will take for them to settle... any advice would be welcomed sammie x
  5. i put my rabbit in a t-shirt once in the winter when she was shivering and took her inside then took it off even though she kept trying to put it over her head again hehe
  6. thankyou guys, looking into all options at the moment need to speak to my friends family also again
  7. ok, well they've decided to widden there ideas...any kind of kitten thankyou
  8. heya my friend is looking for a long haired kitten..preferably tabby but can be whatever for the 6th or 10th of November.. would be much appreciated as she has been ill and this will give her something to concentrate on and care for thanks muchly Sammie
  9. but with 2 lever arch files and 2 big text books..it would be pretty hard
  10. thanks...i think the GP thing is pretty much not possible so i'll just see how things go again..they'll go away again soon
  11. that is on a monday because i have to catch 2 buses across from handsworth to dore...but on a normal day, it is 7:26 for 8:55 which is 1 bus journey which is AWFUL i would have gone to 6th form closer to my home but i have always gone to the school i go to because we used to live closer :/
  12. say if someone wanted to see someone about an issue/a large range of issues to see if anything can be done and they were 16...who/where would they go to? and how long would they have to wait...if they were in urgent need..?
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