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  1. Reason for Rehome / Sale Working 6 days a week and the dog is too old and grumpy to be left on her own Time Scale – How Urgent? uentrg Sale Amount £50 adoption Has the Dog been in Rescue no Location sheffield parson cross Age & Sex 6 years female Breed british bulldogg KC Registered yes Approximate size not sure Exercise Needed yes Neutered & Micro chipped no Vaccinated & Wormed no Live in Ever lived with other cats/dogs/other animals yes Any Current or Historical Health or Psychological Issues no Temperament excellent Good or Bad with Children good Dislike of Men or Women none OK with Dogs / Cats/other Animals yes Travel OK in Car yes Left happily alone in the House for How Long at a time couple of hours Destructive Behaviour never Barks sometimes at loud bangs Pull on the lead no Crate trained no Housetrained yes but has accidents General Information you can share about the Dog. Hi i am wanting to rehome my brittish bulldog, she is 6 years old and is very healthy, the, problem i have is when i rescued her form a breeder 2 years ago i was with my partner and now i am on my own and working full time, she was a breeding dog and i will admit she was locked outside in a garage,her bowels and bladder are a little sensative and sometime she she has trouble holding through the night time, i have to go to work and when i get back im exhausted to do anything else then cook the kids tea and take her for a run, she would be very happy on her own with a owner or with another dog bother her she also gets on with cats too, i have another 2 dogs and she his a grumpy old lady and tends to pick fight with the bull mastiff who is poorly herself, she is good on the lead and off the lead, she loves attention and cuddles, i would like her to goto someone that will makes her last few years as relaxed and enjoyable as possible, i am just wanting a small adoption fee of £50 for her, as i dont want someone who cant afford to look after her to just take her, she is too old to breed now and this would kill her so she just needs to retire and rest gracefully
  2. Someone please helppp, my mum bought my son a acer iconia 100 from a carboot and she was shown it working, only when she brought it him it requested a password and she doesnt know it, the carboot seller had gone home by the time she got back to the carboot, so i have tried resetting and also holding power button and volume button i can get it onto the android robot and it comes up a menu but only lets me scroll up n down, can anyone help
  3. thankyou to those who replied, i downloaded libre office and same thing happened, this is what i get when it loads ÐÏࡱá with alot of other stuff but it will not let me copy and paste it to show you all of it, its driving me nutssss please help
  4. Can someone help me, i am trying to do itc training to further my career and i have noticed that if i was sent a doc file i could never open it, so i always had to ask for a rtf file, the thingis this training i am doing is only a doc file and i cant open or change the file name, i have tried to download readers like adobe and wordpad etc and some do not load, says cannot open or if it opens it comes up with all the jibberish with dots and dashes and hash keys, plzzzzzz someone help me before i lose the plot
  5. Yes tony i agree however the stay overs do not get shared out equally!!! Which meant it was always a friend of the boss who got the stay overs, as for the keeping on top of the tidying and the rooms are not that bad if kept clean is bs, how would you like to go into a room and finding hairs from the previous guest, yeah ok its the cleaners fault but your sticking up for the iss and how they pay to clean the rooms yet it still does not change the fac the cleaners do not get enough time to do the rooms and should be on a minimum wage, they may aswell get the slave labour out and make them work for peanuts, btw if its that great and you keep backing the iss its funnt how when the iss get called in for a meeting with the hotel they book a seperate hotel because of the reputation of travellodge, if i was employing my staff there and was proud of what they did and what i believed i would stay in the same hotel, my wife started there and within a few days witnessed staff arguements with the managements and sacking and walk out
  6. Rickie at what point do you not understand its not £18, my wife worked 5 hours for a payment of 12 rooms, £1.30 if that a room, how rude of tou to say unskilled, my wife once cleaned a room and it took her under an hour and she got £1.30 because the people who was in it was students and it was a right mess, just the litter alone took her 3 times in a lift to get down stairs filling the lift completely, thy had made noodles in the kettles and pooped all down the side of the toilet, would you clean someones room and bathroom for £1.25 even if it took u an hour?
  7. Oh wow ricky doesnt take much to make you happy, with the sounds of it you must stay in slums, her job involved from opening the curtains wiping the windows and sills and sides wardrobe tv radiator tops of door frames mirrors then hoovering the floors pulling rhe bed out which is not on wheels btw hoovering under the bed under the settee stripping the bed and making it back up also putting sheets on the pull out bed putting a new duvet ok the wardrobe for the guest bed fresh towels filling tea caddy up n washing cups and kettle out, disinfecting the whole bath toilet and sink and wiping the mirror and side down mopping the floor cleaning out the toilet cus they never leave a loo brush in the bathroom so if someone poos then their will be extrement all over the loo, so if you can do all this is 15 mins and do it 21 times 5 hours then the job is yours, just dont forget to buy your own uniform pump up on steroids and are skint and dont mind working for pennies go for it
  8. My wife was there 5 weeks and was told to provide her own uniform, black tshirt n trousers n black shoes, no offer of uniform was stated onlg a badge was offered, also was told the training was 4 days yet when someone else started they only did 3 days training, also there is no moving or handling or health and safety in this work force, they was ordered to flip and a turn the matresses on their own not only was they ordered to do this on their own but they was ordered to do it on a sunday which is their buisiest day, they do not employ a porter as they expect the housekeepers to do it all, the iss and travelodge are taking advantage of these workers because they know the staff are desperate for work so they wont kick off about it, my wife was the only one who has walked out and let them know and also has had the nerve to stand up to her rights
  9. Ty andy thats the correct link, and the person said before dont let yourself get trodden on thats why she walked out, she is the only person that has voiced her opinion and gone on what she agrees amd walked out, she even told the boss of the hotel they are employing slave workers for what they are doing, but there is no police check or crb or anything to work for these companies they are not bothered who you are as long as they can crack the whip and as long as you dont winge about the money, it upsets Us as she is now out of work and has applied to hundreds of jobs and is willing to do anything to help support out family and companies like that see thia situation and see there are no jobs out there so they take advantage
  10. They want paperwork and proof of wage slips, my wife is waiting forthe wage slips to be sent to her but they are needing time start time finished and they only do a start time, you finish yours days work once you have completed all the rooms of the day, so time finishing is never the same
  11. No its iss cleaning services, if u type in google iss cleaning services it comes up
  12. Travelodge uses a contractor called iss now and the rate is£1.25 fir a new starter and £1.45 for someone that has been there a while, like i said if they want minimum wage they have to be quick and complete 4 rooms per Hour,they do not get any assistance at all. It is impossible to do this amount of cleaning to the standard they need in such short time, travelodge pays £2.00 per room to be cleaned which they get that £1.25, we have tried to go to acas but somehow they are managing to rip off these workers. My wife cleaned 16 rooms and got paid £19 she had broke her back to clean them in space of 4.30 hours and the management sent her back to hoover the rooms with a broken hoover, as for the tips the housekeepers do not get any of that. The hotel keep it.
  13. My wife worked in the travelodge hotel in the city centre and i just waned to share with you how much graft these housekeepers have to do, people think that these people who work in hotels and clean them are lazy and cannot be bothered, what would you say if i told that these housekeepers get only £1.45 if that a room, and only 15 mins to clean the rooms, there is only 1 cleaner per floor and this does not even pay the minimum wage, if they want to earn the minimum wage they have to clean 4 rooms and dress them up for the next guest in space of an hour just to get the minimum wage, so please spare a thought for the ppl whi work like this and get ripped off, its not the housekeepers ripping you off its the hotels and the cleaning company, these rooms would be spotless if they was given the time needed to clean them
  14. hi just wondering if anyone knows anyone or if you can fix a food processor, i bought my wife one and she has used it a few times and she went to use it again and found its not mixing, its not spinning or anything, it sounds like it is but it isnt, i have had the bottom off to see if the belt has broken or come off and it hasnt, i plugged it in to see if i can see why its not spinning and if i turn it upside down it starts to spin but not fast and it starts to smoke, i cant send it back to the store as its well past 12 months warranty now and my wife loves it and cant seem to find another just as good cheap enough to buy, helpppppp
  15. she is happy in her own little space, i bought a crate for my shih tzu which was having accidents at night time too and she hated it so i let her stay out which they bulldog claimed but she couldnt lay down in it without hanging out of the cage so i just left the door open so i went and bought a cage that should have been large but turned out to be extra large but as soon as i erected it she was like a rocket getting into it, so she has no problems getting into them, she just wants to come and go out of them when she likes too which when she does she poops and pees and then lays on the sofa, very weird
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