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  1. Thanks and thanks if you have ever stopped to let me come out My heart is sometimes in my mouth as well, you'd think those drivers who whizz past in the LH lane would be a little bit more mindful of people pulling out
  2. I work at Banner Cross Hall and getting out of the gate at night is an absolute nightmare because of the temporary traffic lights further up the road but I agree with what other people have said about drivers changing lanes, I've had drivers cut in front of me before now
  3. I don't blame you for walking. It took me a good hour and half to get to work this morning instead of the usual twenty minute/half an hour run, but I can't blame people for wanting to take their time especially if some stretches of road were icy
  4. That's disgusting, whoever did that ought to have the same thing done to them Poor little sunshines
  5. Ok thanks for that. I'm glad it wasn't because of any accidents
  6. I just wondered if any body knows why there was a big tail back of traffic on Ecclesall Road this morning. I hope it wasn't because of an accident
  7. I don't mind snow, but I don't want it to snow again as it makes getting to work is an absolute nightmare, I had to stay at home two days last week because of the weather
  8. Sorry to read about the problems you've had, I'm glad you've got something sorted out with your dentist, hope the treatment goes ok, all the best
  9. I don't think there's any harm in dogs being allowed in pubs so long as they are well behaved
  10. My Nan and Grandad lived on Ravencarr Place and my Gran and Grandad lived on Archdale Road
  11. I've deleted my message as I didn't read the beginning of the thread about living around Gleadless Valley between 1962 and 1970 sorry about that
  12. My Great Grandma used to live next door to Standhouse School from the 1930's until 1976 and my Mum was a pupil there
  13. I can't stand the Cilit Bang advert, Barry Scott drives me mad, I either switch channels or press the mute button when he's on
  14. Has to be Rhett Butler and Robin Hood as portrayed by Errol Flynn
  15. I attended Herdings Junior School in the seventies The houses were: Strelley (Blue) Howard (Red) Delovetot (Green) Talbot (Yellow) I was in Talbot
  16. Oh well I suppose I shall just have to grin and bear it
  17. It took my 40 minutes to get to work this morning instead of the usual 20 mins I know the kids have gone back to school and that usually affects traffic flow but driving down Ecclesall Road towards town this morning was a right nightmare I wondered if there had been an accident somewhere
  18. I like them all, but I voted for Tobermory
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