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  1. That's a real shame. If you know how to get a message to him, let me know. Take Care Amanda
  2. I don't remember Lynn Richmond I'm afraid. Yes, I never thought at the time, but it must have been somewhat impractical for the staff to get to each of the three sites. Also, I'm trying to work out who you are, and whether or not you had the dubious pleasure of teaching me...... I do remember feeling incredibly grown up when we went to to Kings Croft....and had a common room! We were allowed to play music in there, go to the chip shop at lunch times, and generally create mayhem....good memories.
  3. Wow. You've certainly a better memory than myself! Thank you for all the information. Loads of memories flooding back. I think it was Mr Waller who was the teacher affectionately known as "Catweazle" by the pupils. I can't remember Mrs. Eliff. I do remember a music teacher called Miss Bell though. The only one of the pupils names you've mentioned that I recognise was Karen Gledhill. She also had a brother at the school Mark Gledhill I think. There was another English teacher who taught me for A level. Mr. Routh I think? Thin chap VERY into the subject. Massively influential into getting me passionate about all manner of things. T.S Elliot etc. Didn't appreciate it at the time though. As you say, it was a very long time ago!
  4. No, I remember a couple of mates went on one of the skiing trips, and I was incredibly jealous!! A jolly good time was had by all acccounts. John Mee...now there's an image. I remember him as being very intense, serious, but he got me through my maths o'level when I was pretty much a lost cause at the time! Mr Watson! Yes! I liked him. There was also a teacher who was affectionately nicknamed catweazle but I can't remember his real name. Also another who taught me english in his own time after school, isn't it awful but his name escapes me. He had long curly hair and looked a little like Martin Shaw from "The Professionals".
  5. Yes! Harry Butler! Thank you and John Wade. How could I forget.......slow senility setting in I think. For some reason I also remember Mrs Porteous but I don't know what she taught. Mrs Berry who taught art, and married another art teacher.....Mr Shaw I think....
  6. Woohoo! I was there between 1971 and 1978. Wonderful to remember these old names again! I remember Mrs Frankish who used to teach English. I also had a HUGE crush on Mr Nuttall who taught English at the time. I remenber Mr Seeds and Mr plant I think it was who tought Biology. Mr White, Mt Cartwright, Mr Appelhoff and....... Mr White. He thought French I think! Mr Salway just scared me to bits. Miss Rawlings who was lovely but I always got the feeling she should have been at home knitting. Miss Groves and Mrs Garrison PE teachers. The was a really...no...REALLY enthusiastic music teacher but I can't remember her name......
  7. Hi, I've just returned to the area after living away for about 20 years and am just trying to catch up on old friends. I just wondered if anyone knew a Martyn Aspinall who used to work at Neill Tools in the late 70's, early 80's? I think he was in the quality department.It would be good to know how he was doing. Many Thanks Amanda
  8. Hi, I'm new too! Am slightly eccentric 46 year old, would be good to hook up for coffee and a chat. Get in touch dustyspr@hotmail.com Amanda
  9. I agree. The damage caused by hitting someone when you're travelling at 40 rather than 30 is incredible. You might be in control of the vehicle, but if a small child steps out, that's it.
  10. They're usually pretty cool if you let 'em know when you order the taxi. Wouldn't have thought a westie was a problem though!
  11. There are some very large domestic cats out there.......Worthwhile reporting it though!
  12. Have you tried on ebay? They've had some really good ones in the last few weeks, and not that expensive either!
  13. Hello there, was just browsing the internet when I noticed my name on this forum. It brought a warm comfy feeling to the cockles of my heart! I left Hallam in the late 80's and moved further North and was with BBC Radio Cleveland for a while, and have settled for the moment in North Yorkshire. Radio Hallam in those days was very special, and I shall always look back with great fondness......it was fab. I still miss Sheffield and would just like to wish everyone lots of luck and happiness....and if you know of a vacant seat infront of a microphone......give me a call........ Amanda Charlesworth.
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