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  1. More likely recovered file or back up during/after crash
  2. I have always planted just deep enough to leave the tip of the neck showing above ground. I also grow mostly my own best saved cloves but sometimes add some bought from market stalls in the Mediterranean.
  3. If they are Autumn fruiting canes you should be able to see fruit husks on the cane, if so cut them right down. Being "quite thin and straggly about 3 foot tall" they sound like this seasons growth to fruit early next season. give them some support (Canes etc.) and TLC and see what happens.
  4. Finger and thumb caressing the plant but crushing the aphid/greenfly
  5. Our bins have been emptied this morning.
  6. Hi Chez2 how many fruiting trusses do you usually get on you plants?
  7. Both freezers full of fruit and veg, slicing took twenty mins while watching TV. Nearly two weeks in and they are going a deep purple.
  8. Picked 2.5 pounds off my allotment this morning, sliced and sugared this evening now will have 2 litres of sloe gin to drink christmas or/and new year.
  9. I have a Stihl petrol hedgecutter and it is brilliant except it is very heavy at 5kg. This year I bought a Bosch 18v battery hedge cutter it is also brilliant and only weighs 2.2kg. It manages to cut a full allotment, 260ft of hedging (min 4ft high) on one charge.
  10. Hi, I can collect about 18-20 bags (builders trug size) at a time. My last supplier got divorced and moved out of my area. I would like about 80 trug sized bags of well or partially rotted manure this summer then twenty bags every ten days October through to March every year. Happy to dig and fill my own bags.
  11. Yes, no problem. Dig as much soil as you can carry to minimise root disturbance and water in well to new position over several days.
  12. Not too late to put some seed in, they will soon catch up.
  13. One year we had four rows of potatoes dug up and stolen, we loose apples and pumpkins every year, fortunately not too many.
  14. Method also works almost without fail on blackcurrants and redcurrants, not so much on raspberries (if at all), but why would anybody try when healthy plants throw so many runners from the roots?
  15. Wherever I live I vote for the party that is most likely to defeat labour. I have never lived anywhere where there is a candidate worth my vote but I do my best to keep the worst out.
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