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  1. I shouldn't panic too much. That one did go to the black ball in the final frame. It's the only one I can ever remember that has.
  2. When Dennis Taylor won it back in 1985, it didn't finish until after 1am.
  3. Re favourite body types: No comment. If I look at any more bodies at the present time, my wife will make mine a dead one.
  4. Try Top Tread Tyres on St Mary's Road. They are always great with me.
  5. Sam Miguel

    Plumbers: Radiator Bleeding Problem

    Glad you got it sorted. Incidentally, did you know that a 'small' radiator key is known as "a little bleeder"? Oh, and one of these that is especially designed to adjust valves on the opposite side of the radiator is known as "a right little bleeder".
  6. Sam Miguel

    Mobile hair dressers

    Good luck in your search.
  7. Sam Miguel

    Mobile hair dressers

    I'll do it for you if you like, but I will need to attend an evening class to be trained first. Just an idea.
  8. Sam Miguel

    Sausage Street: anyone know where it is?

    Oh, but there is such a street! Think 'sideways' you do when solving this clue. Hmmm.
  9. Sam Miguel

    Whats everyones favourite Sunday roast?

    Baby sheep for me, too. I just love it with fresh mint sauce. It's great with roasted parsnips and carrots, new potatoes, cauliflower and peas.
  10. Sam Miguel

    Anyone Been to Anderby Creek?

    Does it have a Sausage Street?
  11. Sam Miguel

    Sausage Street: anyone know where it is?

    Over the weekend, instead of spending most of my time on SF, I did some extensive investigation in the hope of clearing this strange mystery up. I got nowhere. All I want to know is: where is Sausage Steet?
  12. Sam Miguel

    What do you think of this poem?

    Spanish Slaughter by Sam Miguel Paper, please! - my friend so small, Your brother's grubby and he's tall, He's signed his cheese-pot, Smoked his wheels, And gargled gladly with his peas, So listen, friend to me, take note, Don't turn this way - don't let life float, Splice the mildew, Quake your beak, And thread your truffles once a week. *I wrote this piece during a very emotional time in my life. I was feeling a bit unwell as well*
  13. Sam Miguel

    Sausage Street: anyone know where it is?

    No, it's much older than that. Nice try, though.
  14. Sam Miguel

    Sausage Street: anyone know where it is?

    It really is there somewhere! Please help me find it.

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